Thanks God, For Dad

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Christian Author Writer I hold him close. So close, I feel the gentle throb of his heart.
I don't want to let go, to say yet another good-bye.

My husband and I had joined a mission seven years previously. Our choice
had necessitated a move over a thousand miles away, and subsequently, many good-byes just like today.

I recall someone saying that the more often you experience good-byes,
the easier they become. Yet, as I hold my dad close, my heart tells me it isn't so.

I suddenly feel like a small child again; a child who cherishes the sense of security the presence of her father brings; one who melts with joy from the warmth of his smile; one who remembers how his quiet voice assured her in the darkness of a storm; one who touched the very presence of peace as he knelt with her and prayed when her mommy went home to Jesus. Security, joy and peace! That was, and is, my father.

Time has passed, brought today, and with it many changes. Dad's once dark hair now shines as ivory strands of silk. His once strong stride, now disturbed by pain, has slowed, yet remains determined. His words, once spoken sure, come much slower now, yet remain sincere.

As I reflect and hold him close I wonder if time will allow us more todays. Will he
always remember I'm his little girl?

I give him one last lingering squeeze. His weathered cheek rests against mine, and I whisper my parting words, "I love you, Dad!" I pause, pressing close, waiting. Waiting for what my heart already knows but still yearns to hear.

And then it's there! Cascading over me like a fresh mountain stream. Slowly, yet ever so full of love, the words, "I love you too!" caress against my ear. How does a heart endure a moment so equally entwined with joy and sorrow?

As I take my leave, I find the answer already given, for in that moment my Heavenly Father floods me with HIS presence. It is now HIS security, joy and peace that carry me through the pain. I realize, then, that Dad has been to me what his Heavenly Father is to him: security, peace and joy.

They are gifts bestowed on all God's children. He only asks that we not hold them too tightly; they are meant for us to share.

Thanks Dad, for sharing them with me. Thanks, God, for Dad!

Editor's Comment: This is Brenda's first story she's ever written and she is so encouraged to have it posted. Her father's name is Neil Dueck. He is currently retired, living in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada. We encourage you to Contact Brenda to comment and congratulate her on this wonderful article!

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