Christian Writer Author: Brenda Dyck
Location: Alberta , Canada

Christian AuthorBrenda and her husband, Tim and are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators Canada, the headquarters of which is situated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They have been members of W.B.T. for 7 years. For the first 6 years they worked for Wycliffe Bible Translators U.S. in Dallas, Texas. They then moved back to their home country of Canada to work in the Canadian Headquarters in Calgary. Brenda and Tim have three children; Andrew, 17; Mark, 15; and Aubrey, 13.

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Rest During the Storm  
Christian Article  - Faith
Fiction: False
The air was cold and windy, and it had begun to drizzle small bits of ice. The grayness of the skies seemed to be reflecting my somber spirit. With no destination in mind, I headed down the street, my feet feeling heavy and slow. The familiar surroundings held no comfort for me today. After a time, my anxious thoughts formed words in a voice quivering and hushed. "God, we still haven't gotten ... Read Christian Article

Thanks God, For Dad  
Christian Article  - Relationships
Fiction: False
I hold him close. So close, I feel the gentle throb of his heart. I don't want to let go, to say yet another good-bye. My husband and I had joined a mission seven years previously. Our choice had necessitated a move over a thousand miles away, and subsequently, many good-byes just like today. I recall someone saying that the more often you experience good-byes, the easier they become. Y ... Read Christian Article

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