Christian Writer Author: Bruce Brodowski
Location: North Carolina , USA

Christian AuthorBruce Brodowski is the author of The Dad I Never Knew: A War Orphan's Search for Inner Healing and the upcoming book My Father My Son: Healing the Orphan Heart with the Father's Love. He is the president of Carolina's Ecumenical Healing Ministries and an active healing minister. Carolinas Ecumenical Healing Ministries mission is to lead people into intimacy with the Fathering heart of God.

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I Felt Unlovable, Unloved, Unaffirmed, Inadequate, a Misfit Without a Dad - A Story For All Ages  
Christian Article  - Personal Testimony
Fiction: False
I am an American World War II orphan child born without a father in June of 1945. My dad was killed in World War II before I was born and my mother never remarried. Therefore, I didn’t have my dad around to affirm that I was like him, that I was lovable, and that he loved me. I didn’t have strong male images in my life to teach me what it meant to be a male child. My grandfather was a strong will ... Read Christian Article

Christian Healing Ministries Features New Book On Inner Healing  
Christian Press Release  - New Book
Fiction: False
Christian Healing Ministries, Jacksonville Fla. January 2011. The book “My Father, My Son, Healing the Orphan Heart with the Father’s Love by Bruce Brodowski is a featured book in this month’s Christian Healing Ministries newsletter. • My Father My Son is not just a book to be read, but a life to be experienced. Read it, then let it read you. • You will never be the same. Leif Hetland, Pr ... Read Christian Press Release

Midwest Book Review - New Book On Inner Healing  
Christian Review  - Book Review
Fiction: False
The need to bond is a strong one for many people. "My Father, My Son: Healing the Orphan Heart with the Father's Love" looks at need to love and be love, through the eyes and thoughts of Bruce Brodowski. Thoughtful, he looks at the value of the father I life and grants readers much to ponder and think about in order to enhance their faith in God. "My Father, My Son" is a spiritual guide with much ... Read Christian Review

My Father, My Son by Bruce Brodowski - All Book Reviews By John Helman  
Christian Review  - Book Review
Fiction: False
Genre: Faith, Introspection, Thought Title: My Father, My Son Author: Bruce Brodowski Wars, whether major or minor, local or distant, create holes and gaps in lives for years for afterwards. Each individual must confront these as he or she sees fit. Some people descend into the depths of depression and struggle to achieve some sort of accommodation. Others, including Bruce Brodowski, seek for ... Read Christian Review

Review of My Father My Son - April Dellinger  
Christian Review  - Book Review
Fiction: False
Bruce Brodowski’s My Father My Son Explores the Heart of the Emotional Orphan - April Dellinger No one is exempt from momentary feelings of loneliness, abandonment, emptiness, and misdirection in life, but in his writings Bruce Brodowski focuses on the margin of people who are burdened with these feelings at the soul level. Brodowski, whose familiarity with emotional fatherlessness arose after h ... Read Christian Review

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