Christian Writer Author: Wyn Barratt
Location: Coffs Harbour , Australia

Christian AuthorI am an Australian widow aged 81. I have a large family of whom I am very proud.
I have a website on Shoutlife and enjoy the support and encouragement of writers like Jerry Lee Kay. Without Jerry I doubt if much of my work would have seen the light of day.

I enjoy writing children's poems too and post them on my blogsite called Ponderings.

I've Written . . .

My First Love  
Christian Poetry  - Christianity
Fiction: False
You were my first love when I was so young Led by my Mother whose faith was so strong. I knew then, my sinfulness, my need of Your love Heart bursting with gratitude for my Lord up above. Oh what great deeds I purposed to do Countries I would travel to and prove my love true But You always took me in Your gentle hands And whispered, ‘Take it slowly now, I’ll show you your ... Read Christian Poetry

Do This In Remembrance Of Me  
Christian Poetry  - Jesus Christ
Fiction: False
Take of the bread and the wine at Communion Give me your heart as you’re thinking of Me Think of My sacrifice; and future reunion Will you do this in remembrance of Me? Will you remember? Will you remember? The day that I died just to free you from sin I returned to My Father and My home in Glory But I am waiting for you to come in. Kneel now before Me; I know you adore ... Read Christian Poetry

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