Christian Writer Author: Jennifer Leigh Ryan
Location: Texas , United States

Christian AuthorJennifer Leigh Ryan is a Freelance Writer and Christian Motivational Speaker from Dallas, Texas. She and her husband pastor a group of 30 teenagers at their local church. She holds a BA in Christian Ministry & Business Management from Dallas Baptist University (DBU) and will graduate from Christ for the Nations (CFN) with her Degree in Practical Theology in Fall 2004.

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My House  
Christian Poetry  - Other
Fiction: False
What is your house built on? No, not your literal “house,” but your house-house. You know, feelings of significance, self-worth…value. The stuff that makes you tick… I’ll confess, I always try to build my “house” on shallow ground. You’d think I’d get wise, but noooooooo. Just a few short years ago my ego was scrambled with my bank account. My feelings of self-worth yo-yoed with the stock-marke ... Read Christian Poetry

The Obstacle Course  
Christian Article  - Other
Fiction: False
Cocking my head back, I gawked at the contraption above. Boy, was it high! It looked just like a bunch of power lines. Who was I kidding? Like I could really scale this gorillas’ playground. For some reason, I was clueless as to how scary it would be. This is quite unusual, mind you, as I’m the type of gal who never baits her own hook. Plus, I drive the in slow lane, just in case. Me, standing in ... Read Christian Article

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