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Christian Author Writer As missionaries for nearly two-and-a-half decades the Peters have given themselves without reservation, even when their call has required them and their young children to live through violence that ultimately would kill 300,000 Burundians. When times were tough and even the U.S. embassy was strongly recommending that they evacuate, the Peters clung tight to their "no-exit strategy"-a strategy that reflected their deep sense of calling and desire to do God's will.

Jamie & Lee Peters Book, No Retreat – No RegretsIn No Retreat-No Regrets, Jamie and Lea share their story-an infectious, well-told account of their time in Africa. In their back-and-forth style that is both transparent and entertaining, the Peters openly relate the challenges of daily life in Africa, the difficult tasks of church planting and caring for the poor, as well as their personal struggles with illness, homesickness, and rearing American children overseas. Yet instead of counting the cost, Jamie and Lea believe they are the privileged ones-blessed to live at the front line of what God is doing on the earth. As Jamie says, "A life lived outside the will of God is a life not lived at all."

Let Jamie and Lea's captivating description of their journey-not just written but lived-motivate you to do God's will in whatever harvest field you are planted and to follow their example and live your life without retreat and without regret.

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