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Christian Author Writer I saw "The Passion of the Christ" on a Wednesday night when attendance to the theater is usually fairly low. My daughter works there, and can attest to the fact that that night was unusual.

The theaters were packed. We all filed in, some of us laughing nervously, and by now, any one who goes, has an inkling of the violence that will be portrayed. Because I have a somewhat weak stomach, I had even been advised that perhaps I should forgo seeing this one. I still felt compelled to go. I wanted to see what Jesus went through for me. I felt that spiritually, it might awaken me to how easy I have it, and how lazy I've become, and how whiny I can be when I think serving the Lord is a hard task. I came out of the theater with the realization that I do have it easy, I am not working as hard as I should be, and I am a whiny brat sometimes. I needed a wake-up call, and that's exactly what that movie gave me.

I agree that the violence can be overwhelming. Many times I had to look away. I cannot imagine the emotions of Mary, as His mother. The flashback of Mary running after Jesus as a child when He fell down, was almost more than I could take.

BUT - crucifixions were violent, and the beating that Jesus took before he was ever condemned to die was for my healing. With each stripe, I AM healed. Many accused died from the scourging alone.

As for Jesus being supernatural, of course He was, BUT in a human body during His time on earth. He laid His life down. I loved how the film portrayed Jesus laying down on the cross. He laid His life down willingly and to fulfill His purpose as the perfect, sinless, blameless Lamb of God.

When I got home, my daughter and I went through all four gospels and verified the events that were portrayed in the movie. Although some artistic license was taken, I have to say, there wasn't much. Most of it was right on point.

As for whether someone not familiar with the gospels would get anything out of it, I say that if this movie wakes up the Christians and gives them a PASSION to serve Christ, and to reach others with His message, then the movie has served its purpose.

When the credits came up, my sister-in-law leaned over and said, "I still can't believe Mel Gibson produced this." And I can't either. Imagine a movie star of his stature being willing to buck the entire Hollywood system, and bring out a movie about Jesus.

I pray that this movie makes millions of dollars. I pray that Mel Gibson continues in his quest to bring the gospel to the masses in a stark, unadulterated, realistic way.

Jesus caused an uproar 2000 years ago, and He's still doing it today. My prayer is that when people come out of this movie, they feel, as I did, an overwhelming urge to take Communion and to read the Bible, and to witness of the love of Christ that He would so willingly go to a cruel death on the cross for me.

I wanted to burst into applause at the end of the movie, but instead burst into tears. How naive I have been! By His stripes I am healed, by His death I am forgiven, and by His resurrection, I, too, have eternal life!

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