Destiny’s Pride

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Christian Author Writer Can a lack of maturity cause you your destiny? Can an issue of pride cause you to make wrong decision? Destiny finds the answers through her life experience. In!

Destiny’s Pride

On June 23, 2013 an amazing thing happen, a new book was release called ‘Destiny’s Pride’. Destiny finds herself always being the guest instead of the bride because of her lack of maturity in her gift, which her best friend Jackie doesn’t understand. Destiny has had good men in her life, but every time Jackie thinks this is the one, Destiny lets him go and she ends up an invited guest along with her at their wedding. But a wise friend, Mrs. Emma, comes to her aid and shines light on what was in front of her all the time.

Yet Jackie found herself in a relationship which doesn’t make sense to Destiny and painful words other than her gift cause them their friendship. But, in time, she realized the truth to Destiny’s words.

While Jackie realizes that she is in a place she no longer wants to be, Destiny finds her mate for life and an issue of pride. And a surprise other than Joy that comes along with her mate leads to her endurance running out.

Even though the story is made up it is based upon my life experiences of God dealing with me with the issue of pride, which consist of fear and impatient and taking my position of rest. God has called me to the ministry of entertainment, using my ability to teach and tell stories to create simple message as an author to bring light, hope, and encouragement.

Destiny's Child by Christian Author, Sharon JonesGod does call husband and wife together with purpose in mind. And at the right time bring them together. I have learned that during the waiting period, our position is a position at Jesus feet with a good attitude, trusting God. And doing what He asks us to do. It is during this time that God is working on us to be the excellent wife He wants us to be. And our husband will rejoice in the wife of his youth. God is calling His Daughters of Destiny to take their position. So come join Destiny and me, as we take our position of rest in ‘Destiny’s Pride’.

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