Angels Speak to Me - A New Age for Mankind

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Christian Author Writer Follow the author as angels inspire him to meet life with confidence after his father dies in an airplane crash. He feels abandoned when his mother remarries. Dennis nearly dies several times and angels save his life for a mission. Angels visit him numerous times to counsel him and reveal to him God's plan for the future of all mankind. Inspired by visions of angels, archangels, cherubim and other Heavenly beings since his youth, author Dennis Schroll shares God?s message to modern humanity in his new book, Angels Speak to Me: A New Age for Mankind.

As given to him by many angels, the book contains intimate knowledge about salvation, how to prevent torment, and the importance of God's assistance in getting to Heaven. He was lifted into Heaven by the angels to Angels Speak to Me A New Age for Mankind By Dennis Wayne Schrollexperience Heaven's secrets. Schroll discusses a new age that God has planned for man, which will be filled with many miracles, and he reveals what is misunderstood about life after death, heaven, and angels and their purpose in our lives.
I wrote this book as a way to share with others the wonderful mysteries of Heaven, a Christian life on Earth and the plans God has in store for us, says Schroll, whose conversations with angels began when he was just eleven years old. Angels Speak to Me is a message to the world's Christians and non Christians as well that God wants all of us to be saved, and how we can change our lives to reach that goal. God wants to reach out to those who are lost and in need.

Schroll's book explains God?s purpose behind many of the mysteries of life here on Earth, too, from the Garden of Eden and Noah's Ark to the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Angels Speak to Me is a fascinating and incredibly detailed journey into a world that few of us will experience, but one that will affect us all.

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Angels Speak to Me: A New Age for Mankind
By Dennis Schroll
ISBN: 978-1-4624-0248-9
Soft cover, retail price: $17.99
E-book price: $3.99

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