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Military Veteran/Seminary Student Launches Christian Web Site: Who Is Jesus For Real

BOGOTÁ, Colombia (March 1, 2013) – Military veteran/seminary student Ryan Chastain loves Jesus and wants everyone to know Him more. That’s precisely why he launched Who Is Jesus For Real, an informative beginner’s guide to being a Christian.

The new web site is a motivational platform where non-Christians can learn all the basics to get started. It includes helpful information about church denominations, bibles, parables, the 12 disciples, stories about Jesus, historical facts and more. Chastain’s overriding goal is to provide information in a simple, easy to understand, and fun format that people can enjoy reading.

“So many times, web sites or books get bogged down in the specifics of Christianity, theology, and religion,” he explains. “We have tried to make everything extremely simple so everyone can understand, get the information they need, and hopefully get lifted up in the process.”

Unlike other sites that lightly cover the topic of how to become a Christian, Who Is Jesus For Real takes a broader approach. It answers common questions that would-be Christians might have and provides a plethora of additional resources—all in one place. It addresses questions such as: What is it like being a Christian? What can I expect? What’s the best way to pray? How do I get started? Which Bible should I use? What were the disciples like? What was Jesus like? Who Is Jesus For Real is an excellent tool for new Christians, mature Christians who want to witness to others, and anyone else who is interested in Christianity.

“Jesus commissioned all Christians to spread the word the best way they know how,” Chastain says. “This website provides the means to do just that.”

Who Is Jesus For Real also features an insightful blog to help Christians spread the good news about Christianity while addressing people’s key concerns. For example, the first blog post is entitled “The Top 10 Reasons You Might not Want to Be a Christian. And Why Millions of People Would Disagree!”

Who Is Jesus For Real is an outgrowth of Chastain’s personal commitment and calling to share the gospel of Christ. Chastain is currently teaching and completing mission work in Bogotá, Colombia. He is also completing a master’s degree in religion from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and a master’s degree in teaching English as a foreign language from Nova Southeastern University. In addition, Chastain is a U.S. Army veteran who served in a Counter IED Unit that worked with Explosive Ordinance Disposal Teams and Special Forces to help thwart bomb makers in Afghanistan.

For more information, please visit Who Is Jesus For Real at Or contact Ryan Chastain directly at (941) 312-2085.

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