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Christian Author Writer July 24, 2012 Rock Rapids, IA - Four Christian teens struggle to keep a promise to remain righteous and pure inThe Young Believers, a new coming-of-age drama now available on DVD from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

Bound to a mutual pact to avoid drinking, drugs, and premarital sex throughout high school, longtime friends Delilah, David, Leah, and Luke run into temptation and trouble in their senior year. First, Delilah faces pressure from her boyfriend to take their relationship to another level. Then, David must decide whether or not to try alcohol. Next, Leah refuses to open her heart during her parents' divorce, and Luke is lured into playing music that doesn't glorify God.

Awarded The Dove Foundation's Family-Approved Seal, The Young Believers portrays a realistic struggle to overcome peer pressure and fight temptations to live life God's way.

"This DVD features the group praying and reminding each other what the Bible says," observed the Dove Foundation, declaring the film "a wonderful statement that young adults can live godly lives. It could be used as a powerful teaching tool in a class."

Directed by Jay Gerren, The Young Believers stars Kelsey Tanaka, Eryn Moore, Ryan Taylor, Brandon Vielkind, and Sid Curtis. The movie is now available for $12.71 at
The young Believers

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