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La Grande, OR – How many people have already failed at keeping their New Year’s resolutions? To many, the feeling of disappointment and frustration that comes after breaking a resolution is a yearly occurrence. Some may feel like their bad habits are so engrained into their brain that change is impossible?

In his article, Why New Year’s resolutions don’t work, Roy Williams says that “Making resolutions work is essentially changing behaviors and in order to do that, you have to change your thinking and ‘rewire’ your brain.  Brain scientists such as Antonio Damasio and Joseph LeDoux and psychotherapist Stephen Hayes have discovered, through the use of MRIs, that habitual behavior is created by thinking patterns which create neural pathways and memories which become the default basis for your behavior when you're faced with a choice or decision. Trying to change that default thinking by ‘not trying to do it,’ in effect just strengthens it. Change requires creating new neural pathways from new thinking,”

Independent publisher Home of Love Publications has released its title, 3-3-3 You Are Free!!! The book offers a faith-based, step-by-step system for “rewiring” your brain and breaking free from the shackles of negative thought and action patterns.

In John 8:34, Jesus says, "I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.”

James Bars Book- 333 You Are Free!!! 3-3-3 According to an online Bible class from Sunrise Church, the New Testament represents sin as a ruler and tyrant. (Romans 6:12-18) This tyrant rules over the desires of the mind and actions of the body. It seeks pleasure which is a physiological experience of the body. (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12) Once established as pleasurable or satisfying, sin becomes a goal of the body. Sin literally activates the pleasure center of the brain. (Hebrews 11:25) Do not let sin reign, do not let him work; that is, let him have no place, no being in your souls; because, wherever he is, he governs. Sin is not sin unless it is ruling over the desires for pleasure and satisfaction of the human heart. The very existence of a sinful thought to which passion or appetite attaches itself, is proof that sin has dominion there. Without dominion such passions could not be excited.

Wherever sin is felt, sin rules there. In Galatians 5:1, Paul says, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

James Bars, author of 3-3-3 You Are Free!!!, says that God gave us a brain to use, but the trouble is many of us are using it the wrong way. Scripture instructs us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. But how do we do that?

In his book, Bars offers creative tools to help us change the sinful thought and behavior patterns which enslave us and separate us from God. He illuminates how through Jesus we can become transformed and live the way God intends, free! Here is a passage from Chapter Five entitled The Brain Cell:

“Our behavior is rooted in our brains through neural pathways. Neural pathway creation can be compared with the way rain water follows a pathway that other rain water has already established. This is the way that rivers are formed and it is the way habitual behaviors are formed. We will assign pleasure or pain to each experience and either seek it again if we believe it is pleasurable, or avoid it if we believe it is painful. With each new experience, with each new neural pathway created in our brain we may create a river of habit if we decide it is pleasurable. However, if we decide that the experience is too painful – either immediately or if we can see that it will create too much pain in the long run – that trickle or river, that neural pathway, will dry up and be eliminated from our behavior patterns. God created us to experience pleasure when we live in harmony with His original design and laws.”

In Chapter Seven, The Solution, Bars goes on to say, “My problem is that I have given pleasure to dark, wrong, destructive thoughts and activities, and pain to right, life-enhancing, light-bearing thoughts and activities. So my solution is to reprogram my mind so it gives pleasure to right, creative, freeing thoughts and activities and pain to wrong, enslaving, dead-end thoughts and activities... And God has clearly given us directions for living happy, joyous, free lives by telling us which thoughts and actions should bring us pleasure and which thoughts and actions will bring us pain. We can find this in His Word. We can find Him in His Word!”

In his book, Bars shares his struggles through captivating narrative and offers a practical, step-by-step system for seeking God daily and becoming transformed by the renewing of the mind (Romans 12:2 NIV). Bars exemplifies how a close walk with God enables self-improvement daily and long lasting change.

Blake Bars, Editor
Home of Love Publications
PO BOX 333
Cove, OR 97824

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