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Christian Author Writer New Book Questions Organized Religion’s Dogma on Marriage

CLEVELAND. Nov. 2, 2010 — Traditionally Christian women are taught that husbands are the heads of their wives and the heads of the homes. This teaching is used by some men to mistreat, abuse and subjugate their wives and sometimes even the children in his home. Some pastors and church leaders advise these women to remain in these abusive marriages with the threat of what amounts to excommunication if she decides to leave. So the women experiences domestic violence and then spiritual abuse on top of it. Many women pray and wait on God to send them Christian men with the expectation that their lives will be filled with blessings and bliss, only to find out the opposite is true. A woman is beaten every 9 seconds in America. In her highly controversial new book, “ANOINTED Married Christian Men” (published by, Celia Wilson debunks these false expectations by revealing the truth about Christian men – they are “men” – anointed yes, but human every day.

Celia Wilson Book“ANOINTED Married Christian Men” appears to be against Christian men at first glance but quite the opposite is true; Wilson, a Christian woman married to an anointed Christian man, offers readers an awakening experience through the raw observations she makes in the pages of her book. She forces readers to analyze the doctrine they are following by examining scripture so the reader can compare them with what they’ve been taught traditionally. Wilson states:

There are so many women who believe God for Christian husbands, but their expectations are based on fanciful ideologies not based in reality. Christian men abuse, murder and don’t always act like what are ideal of a Christian husband is. The recent murder of my friend and mentor, Tonya Hunter, by her “Christian husband” whom she met in church underscores this fact. When I started this book my friend was alive; when I finished it she was not. I don’t want anyone else to be lost. Many pedophiles also target these women just because of their children and they need to know how to recognize them. Traditionally, in African American homes abuse, and sexual abuse especially is not discussed and our children often suffer the lifelong consequences along with society.

In “ANOINTED Married Christian Men,” Wilson warns readers of the dangers lurking in the very church Jesus warned his followers about – one with wolves in sheep’s clothing. She discusses the taboo topics concerning sex such as masturbation, pole dancing, anal and oral sex, gay men and men on the down low to name a few in order to remove the stigma and save some women’s lives. She uses poetry, statistics, real stories, scripture and prayers to make these tough topics an easy read. According to Wilson, the gloves are off and spiritual warfare is on. Plead the Blood of Jesus, Pray a Hedge around your husband, Pray God’s Word over your husband and stop Satan’s attack on our men, marriages, and families, Amen. According to Wilson, God anointed Christian husbands in power, place and purpose.

In addition, she uncovers through her own research that a third of criminal child abusers had committed their crime against their own child, about half had a relationship with the victim as a friend, acquaintance, or relative other than offspring. About 1 in 7 reported the victim to have been a stranger to them. Three-quarters of the violent victimizations of children took place in either the victim’s home or the offender’s home. Many children are suffering in silence while many of these Christian men have never been caught, turned in or convicted. Wilson writes:
As potential spouses we need to perform background checks on anyone we intend to marry, or anyone who wants to spend time with our children. Remember, many child abusers, molesters and rapists don’t have criminal records so we must be vigilant. Remember, most child abusers, molesters and rapists will be people with whom either we or our children are familiar. This will help us keep our guard up. So we should go ahead and teach our children about “Stranger Danger (the danger that a stranger might be a threat to them and they should be careful of strangers)”, but by all means teach them about FFD, the danger family and friends can potentially pose to them.

About the Author: Celia Wilson was born in Bedford, Ohio, raised in Twinsburg and Cleveland, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky. She is blessed to be a wife and mother. She is a Chaplain with an International Chemical Prevention Specialist II license, holds a Masters Degree Ministry and Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies (magna cum laude) from Ursuline College. She is the founder of Purposeful Parenting, an organization designed to provide parenting, mediation and spiritual guidance to challenged parents (adults and teens). A portion of the proceeds from the sales of “ANOINTED Married Christian Men” will go to the Purposeful Parenting Program. For more information, visit:

Purposeful Parent

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