The Whisper of His Name

Writer Author  Elizabeth Parker
Christian Poetry : Jesus Christ  - Fiction  No

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On a cross fashioned from a tree
They hung my Love and took Him from me
My heart breaks at the look in His eyes
Stop! Don't do this! Don't make Him die
Don't take Him from me, don't do this thing
He is my Beloved, my Everything
I cried oh, God, let me take His place
As I watched the blood run down His face
What are you doing? What have you done?
Can't you see He's God's own Son
I screamed at the soldiers to let Him go
You don't know what you're doing
You just don't know
He looks down at me with so much love
And says I have to go to the Father above
This is what I was born to do
To break the chains of sin off you
You see this blood flowing down from Me
It's all for you, to set you free
I love you and that love will never die
So dry your eyes, please don't cry
I must go but when I do
I'll prepare a place for you
And when it's finished, when I am through
I promise I'll come back for you
And we won't really be apart
For I'll be living there in your heart
Now, I know it won't be the same
But I'll be as close as the whisper
Of My name

"I will never leave you nor forsake you
I will be with you always
Even unto the end of the world"

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