The Garden Gate

Writer Author  Bob Arba
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Christian Author Writer Once I had a beautiful garden,
That I could call my own
I tended it with much care,
To me it was my home.

This whole garden where I roamed
It all belonged to me,
Except that in the center,
There was one forbidden tree.

On the east side of my garden
There was a shining gate,
I never wandered there,
For I knew not what destiny would await.

But now that I have partaken
Of the fruit that God forbid,
I now know of all the sorrow
This garden gate once hid.

I often long now for my garden,
But to return would be quiet hard,
For at the gate stands a bright angel
With a sword drawn to guard.

If only I had resisted,
What hang upon that tree.
I'd be now in my garden,
On the other side of the gate you see.

So Jesus came to earth,
To experience the sorry that I now feel.
Then went to another garden, and then to Calvary,
My redemption there to seal.

He opened wide the gate,
That I might commune with him again,
You see this road that I have traveled
Was all a part of his plan.

So if you too are faced,
With a guarded gate of your own,
Jesus has paid the redemptive price,
That you might return back home.

Copyright 2008 by Robert Hebron.

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