Journey Through Easter - Fulfilment 'Completion'

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“It is finished”
though not over.
Breathing, pulsing, life extinguished
in wicked celebration,
blood, pain, tears and darkness.
The false tree’s solitary leaf fallen,
Winter’s early breath contaminating Spring,
one Lamb at the Passover table,
one Messiah at this feast.
“It is finished.”

“It is finished.”
Beyond the curtain,
in the corridor between earth and heaven,
a chasm spans the walls,
no floor, no doors along this passageway,
no alternate route nor hiding room.
Here, Winter’s grabbing icy fingers reach up,
a pyroclastic engulfing tide.
Here is death,
icy, breath-burning death,
destroyer of soul,
foul bin of self-full aimlessness,
receptacle of hate.
Satan is not ruler here
but caretaker for the hurt and anger
and broken heart of God,
for which things heaven cannot be home.

“It is finished.”
The master builder looks back
at His newly constructed
delicate latticed bridge,
smiles and beckons.
Though not over,
It is finished.

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