Pray and Wait

Writer Author  Cristy Slade
Christian Poetry : Faith  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer My husband looked at me and said, “In love with you I am no more.”
I begged my God for mercy as my knees fell to the floor.
I cried out and asked for help, “God is it really too late?”
Then the Lord spoke softly to me and said, “Learn to pray and wait.”

Not knowing how to handle the pain I lifted my eyes higher.
“Do I stay or do I go? God tell me what I should desire.”
“Oh Father what should I do? What will be my fate?”
The Lord said gently to me, “My child you must pray and wait.”

My heart He soon did fill with a love that burns like fire.
“Your husband and your marriage child, this you should desire.”
“I understand my Lord but my husband says it’s too late.”
The Lord smiled at me and said, “My dear, just pray and wait.”

“Give him to Me my precious one, for the truth he’ll one day see.”
“My Word is forever faithful and the truth will set him free.”
“Be completely dependant on Me while I am healing your mate.”
Let Me love you both, and simply pray and wait.”

I began to walk with God along the path He’d chosen for me.
God said, “You stay with Me and your mate’s path I’ll make him see.”
As the days grew into weeks and months I learned to live by faith.
When others said, “Give up on him!” I’d say, “I’m to pray and wait.”

My soul mate called to tell me his love for me was gone.
I looked to my Father with tears and confusion. He said, “Precious one just hold on.”
My Father said, “Ashes to beauty-he will have love for you not hate.”
“Continue to depend on Me; be steadfast, pray, and wait.”

“My body grew tired and weary but my faith grew more and more.
Then strength and courage God gave me coupled with hope and patience to endure.
My lover’s heart did start to warm; many, many months it seemed to take.
I held on to God’s glorious words, “My child just pray and wait.”

God made a beautiful promise to me when He showed me my heart’s desire.
He said He’d save and bless my marriage and the Lord is not a liar.
God always keeps His promises and He’s never ever late.
So tonight I say to my Father, “For You I pray and wait.”

One day God will fulfill His promise with a miracle or two.
And my marriage will be made beautiful even better then when it was new.
I sit here all alone tonight planning a future with my mate.
For I know God will bless me soon then no longer must I wait.

So I say to all who feel forgotten, “Your Father feels your pain.”
“Look to Him for the answers, not yourself, and He will shelter you from the rain.”
His word speaks very loud and clear-you He will never leave nor forsake.
Tonight He tells you to cast your cares on Him, then learn to pray and wait.

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