A Mothers Cry

Writer Author  Marcia Pennington
Christian Poetry : Loss  - Fiction  No

Christian Author Writer I want to say I Love You, I know that you were mine.
I need to say forgive me, For I have crossed the line.
I know I'll never feel your touch or see your smiling face.
I know I'll never smell your baby's breath or feel the warmth of your embrace.
I know I'll never hear your voice exclaim "Mama I Love You"
Because I gave it all up the day I chose to abort you.
A thousand words could never express my grief and undying sorrow.
Of the loss I felt the day I chose to leave you with no tomorrows.
Not only did my heart break in two but all my thoughts have been of you
I broke so many hearts that day, the day I chose to leave you.
My Jesus Lord My God above, I am forever grateful.
That My Father who is up above has chosen to be graceful.
The Mercy that is up above can bring me new tomorrows.
If I had to do it all again, my son, I would never leave you.
I'd love you each and every day, my son, I'd always need you.
I'd hold you close and rock you tight until you fell asleep at night.
I'd hold your hand and kiss your face until I felt your next embrace.
To know that it was I alone who took your precious life.
I am truly sorry that I never gave you...Your...life.
My beloved son who is up above, I will love you now with undying love.
If I could give my life for you, it would be yours right now.
I know one day I'll see you and hold you in my arms.
To tell you how much I love you and what you mean to me.
To ask for your forgiveness of the life I've stolen from you.
To ask My Son forgive me, for I knew not what to do...
The lesson that I've learned is tough but know that deeply
in my heart, I hold a special place for you my son...
Way deep down in my heart and I will always Love You.
I look forward to the day I die so I can see you in the sky.
To seek you out among the crowd and hold you close upon my brow.
To smell the warmth of your sweet grace and to hold you in the proper place.
To tell you over a thousand times, I'm sorry little child of mine.
My love for you will never end but grow deeper as my days will end.
In heaven there when I will see and hold you close as it should be.
My little light that shines above, I wish that I had made you mine.
I wish I held you in my arms and wiped your tears because I have mine.
My tears will flow until the day, Jesus takes me home to stay.

This is dedicated to my son: Joshua David

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