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Christian Author Writer Churches across the nation have been praying over the school students in their congregations and communities as new school years begin or are close to beginning.
They are asking for guidance for the students and the teachers in the coming year, that they may have minds open to learning and the ability to make good choices in the face of many temptations that are placed in front of them in schools and out in the world.

As our church prayed for our children one of the fathers of young children asked protection over them as they were “sent out into the darkness with wolves.” The first thing that went through my mind when I heard that was how literally children take things and that any little ones who hadn’t been to school before may think they are really being sent out into the dark with the wolves. I could see some tearful first days of school with that image in their heads.

Of course, we realize what he meant and it is a great metaphor. He followed it up with saying it is a parents job to teach their children to be a light in the darkness. That is so true.

We can’t just expect our children know how to be an example to others they are around, how to lead others to Christ, or even how to say no to wrong choices made by those around them unless we teach them.

I remember when I was in high school and I would hear other students at award ceremonies, graduations and other events giving speeches that talked about God’s influence in their lives.

I wondered how they even thought to say what they did and would even feel slightly uncomfortable because I didn’t understand their relationship with Jesus but wanted to know how I could feel that way.

Sure I went to church and could recite bible verses and stories and knew Jesus as my savior but had never been taught how to have a relationship with Him.

Our job as parents is to raise our kids to have that relationship and to be comfortable talking about Him and sharing Him with others.

When anything comes up in their lives, big or small, they should know the first thing to do is pray.

On the first day of school my boys and I prayed together, when the air conditioner broke a few weeks ago my youngest son and I prayed together. I have learned that by praying with them, not just for them, they are learning to turn to prayer as well.

The first time I asked my youngest to take over a prayer he surprised me with how comfortable and confident he is in prayer.

When I hear the youth pray at church it brings joy to my heart to hear them demonstrate that relationship they have with our Father.

By teaching our children to have a real relationship with the Lord, we are teaching them not to be fearful of showing others that they are Christian even if that means the decisions they make aren’t always the most popular or most fun to those around them.

By being true to who they are they set and example to others – they are a light in the darkness. And maybe, if we raise enough of these lights, the darkness in this world will start to recede and the wolves will turn and run and the Lord’s light will shine brightly.

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