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Christian Author Writer Called “An Apostle of Faith,” George Mueller was converted to Christ in 1826 at age twenty-one. Shortly there after, he sailed to England from Prussia without letters of introduction, money or recommendations – absolutely unknown and with a very imperfect knowledge of the English language. At that time, he wrote in his journal [his diary]: “My whole life shall be one service for God.”

Mueller began a ministry to the orphans of England, never asking help from anyone, never hinting that help was ever needed. In answer to his believing prayers alone, $7,500,000 was sent to him for building “God’s Orphanage,” for missionary enterprises and for the circulation of Scriptures. (It should be noted that these amounts were in the monetary values of the 1800s – the equivalents of which would be millions more in our generation. Mueller often was down to “only one cent left in my hands.” Still, he never told anyone. Instead, he prayed and the need always was met by a miracle.

“There never was a time when there was no wholesome meal,” he testified.

During a ministry of over seventy years, George Mueller trusted God to house, feed, clothe and educate over 9,500 orphans. He wrote, “God never failed me. It all came when it was needed. No man can say I asked him for a penny. We have no committees, no collectors [fund raisers], no voting, and no endowment. All has come in answer to believing prayer. I have trusted Him for one dollar, I have trusted Him for thousands, and never trusted in vain. Often and often I have placed myself in the position of having no means left at all, and two thousand one hundred persons not only at the table, but with everything else to be provided for. And all funds gone; one hundred and eighty-nine missionaries to be assisted, and nothing whatsoever left; about one hundred schools, with about nine thousand scholars in them, to be entirely supported and no means at hand; about four millions tracts and tens of thousands of copies of the Holy Scriptures yearly to be sent out and all money expended!

Invariably, I have said to myself, “God who has led me to enlarge year after year, God who supported this work now for more than forty years, will still help and will not suffer me to be confounded, because I rely upon Him, I commit the whole work to Him, and He will provide me with what I need in the future also, though I know not whence the means may come.”

On September 4, 1869, George Mueller wrote in his journal, “Only one cent in my hands this morning. Pause a moment dear reader: Only one cent and nearly fourteen hundred persons to be provided for. You poor brethren who have six or eight children and small wages, may you not do what we do under your trials? Does the Lord love you less than He loves us? Does He not love all His children with no less love than that with which He loves His only begotten Son?”

George Mueller then affirmed that God loves all His people with the same love with which He loves them and testified to how God provides for all His people, as they trust Him to do so.

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