The Lion’s Tribe - A Message to Jews and Gentiles for The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel

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Over the past two months I have had some medical issues to deal with, including some surgeries. For one of the procedures that I had, there is an online support group that I participate in, to gain knowledge and to lend support what I can. I also take every opportunity to encourage folks there to seek the Lord in prayer, quote scripture and generally share my faith when God opens the door.

Recently, I received a message from a women commending me for my faith in God and my ability to share my faith in a non-preachy manner. It seemed very innocent and I felt blessed that someone would be kind enough to say that. The sender was identified as a women from Saudi Arabia, so I inquired weather she was a Christian, Muslim, etc. I received a return message stating that she was an American Muslim. She said she came from a nonreligious background and her husband was a former non-practicing Irish Catholic, both of who converted to Islam. This was followed by a long monolog about Islam, and attacks against Christianity and the Bible. I was taken back by some of this because the assertions that she made and claimed as fact were vile lies from the pit of hell, clearly unsubstantiated and groundless.

Having a basic knowledge of the foundational beliefs of Islam, and having read pieces of the Quran, I thought I was prepared for just about any objections or concern that might be raised. That being said, I was amazed at what I now learned about what Muslims thing, say and are taught about Christianity, Judaism and the Bible. I was about to receive an education and a wake-up call that I think would be profitable for all Believers should the occasion arise when speaking with a Muslim. Here are 10 deceptions that became apparent during this exchange!

Deception #1: Muslims are taught and believe that true Christianity does not exist today, and that it died with the apostles. Christianity today is centered on the writings of Paul, which in their view, are not part of scripture.

Deception #2: Paul was a self-appointed apostle and invented his own religion, which is what today’s
Christianity is all about.

Deception #3: The doctrine of the need for a blood atonement, and Jesus being the sacrifice lamb who’s shed blood take’s away the sin of all who accept it was invented by Paul and is a lie.

Deception #4: They claim that the Quran has great respect for Jews and Christians, also called “People of the Book”, and when confronted with quotes from the Quran stating in no uncertain terms that all Jews and Christians and infidels (nonbelievers in Islam) must be put to death, they say that was another time and place, and quickly change the subject.

Deception #5: The take scripture out of context, misquote it, misinterpret it, and twist it’s meaning in an unveiled attempt to discredit the faith. This person has apparently spent many hours searching the scriptures for verses that, when misused in the above manner, would seem to substantiate her claims.

Deception #6: They completely deny the deity of Jesus, and claim that He never made claims to that effect. When shown New Testament proof of the deity of Jesus, especially from Messiah’s own words, the are quick to bring up other verses, taken out of context and without knowledge of the whole of scripture in an attempt to refute them. When shown Old Testament proof that the coming Messiah would be divine, they quickly change the subject and have no answer.

Deception #7: They claim the belief in the triune nature of God, which we call the trinity, was a fabrication of Paul, and was never believed or accepted by the early and true Christians. Again, when offered Old Testament scripture showing the three manifestations of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, The response is silence.

Deception #8: The claim and believe that Jesus was only another in a long line of prophets, starting with
Adam, and ending with Mohammed, to whom Allah gave the final revelation.

Deception #9: The authority of the Bible, both Old and New Testaments has been replaced by the Quran, which them claim is the final revelation to mankind.

Deception #10: They believe that Bible prophecy also speaks of the coming of Mohammed, and they use Deuteronomy 18:17-19 and John 1:24,25 to substantiate that claim. While these words are clearly speaking about Jesus the Messiah, they redefine and reinterpret scripture as needed to support their outlandish claims.

The God of the Bible has all power to anything that He chooses, as long as it is consistent with His nature. God being holy, pure and without sin, cannot, for instance, lie, cheat or deceive. That would be against His very nature.

Yet, the Quran attributes these qualities to Allah: DECEIVER (S. 4:142 Hilali-Khan); Schemer (Allah. S. 3:54, Allah. S. 8:30 ) Here is a direct quote from the Quran regarding the nature of Allah - “Allah also deceived both Christians and Jews into thinking that Jesus was crucified when in fact “it was so made to appear unto them”, seeing that he never was crucified or killed. S. 4:157

Since it is incumbent upon all believers to be ready to share our faith when ever God opens a door, it is inevitable that many of us will at some time be asked to debate the faith with a Muslim. It is most important that as Believers, we are not playing on a level field here, because we are required to be truthful, honest and above reproach. On the other hand Muslims are ENCOURAGED to use lies, deceipt and all other means at their disposal. If Allah could lie, scheme and deceive, then it is an honor for them to do likewise.

The world is in the midst of a conflict that the media calls a “war on terror”, which is being waged against Muslim extremists! The truth is, we are in the midst of a spiritual war against a false, unholy religious system who’s ultimate goal is world wide conversion to Islam at any cost. The enemy here will lie, cheat, deceive and even commit suicide to bring about this end. As Believers, we have an obligation to be able to answer every one of these lies and distortions with truth from the Word of God. The scripture say’s to “study to show ourselves approve of God”! Are you prepared to defend the faith in the face of an onslaught from the enemy himself? These are important questions that we all need to think about.

Ron Cusano
The Lion’s Tribe

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