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Christian Author Writer The Robber.

Many years ago, a man who had obtained many of this world's treasures, went on another of his many long journeys. This man had traveled the world over as an adventurer and explorer. He had been to places and collected artifacts that people only dream about.

While he was gone, the Robber came.

The Robber had awaited this opportunity. He knew of this man's reputation as a collector of rare artifacts. This man had accumulated much wealth and priceless artifacts in the Orient, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Now, this collection of world treasures was going to be his.

News travels fast among the curious. People gathered together around the house of the traveler, knowing that he was due home that day by train ride. Many interested people were gathered there to see his reaction to having had the Robber steal the valuables from his home.

The long journey home had worn down the traveler, and he arrived exhausted, yet successful from his new adventure. Tired as was, he didn't even notice the people gathered around his house. He just walked right past them into the house.

The people took a breath as the man entered his home. A silence came over the crowd. A faint laughter arose from within the house. People thought that the man had gone mad. As they peered into the open door, they called out to the man, "Did the Robber take all that you own?"

The man emerged with a smile in his eyes. He said, "Yes, the Robber did come. Yes, the Robber did take the Jade I sought in the Orient, the rare books I collected from Europe, the Tribal artifacts I discovered in Africa, and the precious pictures I took in the Holy Lands. Yes, the Robber did come!"

The people stared in amazement, confused about his demeanor when such an apparent tragedy had occurred in this man's life. The man continued in a booming voice, "Yes, the Robber took these things, yet he could never steal the joy I had in finding the Jade in the Orient, nor the knowledge from the rare books that I collected, nor the adventure lived in obtaining the Tribal artifacts, nor my experience of seeing the Holy Lands with my own eyes. Yes, the Robber did come, but he did not take all that I own!" This powerful story has been playing in my spirit for a few weeks. I can always tell when God has a story for me to share, and this one had all the earmarks of a Father calling His own to come listen.

What would the Robber take from you if he came to your home today?

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