Out Of The Miry Clay

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Christian Author Writer After Hitting Rock Bottom, Reverend Dukhia was Healed by Christ's Stripes

Overcoming adversity, betrayal, and abandonment through prayer and God’s love. Monita Dukhia pens an astounding testimony of Christ's love, mercy, grace, and healing power in her book titled “Out of the Miry Clay.” It is an effective manual for those in pursuit of peace where a person could overcome adversity, betrayal, and abandonment through prayer and God's love. Reverend Dukhia chronicles her own experience of restoration, as well as her experiences walking with those who are so affluent they have no perception of how wretched human life can be and those who are so wretched they hope to die to escape their sufferings.

Out Of The Miry Clay, Rev. Monita DukhiaReverend Dukhia writes "I was betrayed, abused, deceived, used, and cheated on by my spouse, fellow ministers, and family. I was rejected and walked in the wilderness alone. I was stripped of my finances and sued for all that I had left. When there was no reason to live, Christ gave me one!” When I refused to press onto the mark of the prize of the higher calling in God, Christ carried me. Anyone who takes the time to read my book will have their faith strengthened, their hope renewed, and their lives, spirit, and emotions healed!"

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