Journeys Through The Heart

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Christian Author Writer I watch the news and I see what’s going on around me. But secretly, I’ve always believed in an invisible wall around me, protecting me because of my efforts at kindness and faith. I refuse to let go of the idea that if you’re good and kind to others, it will come back to you.

In fact, my optimism took me back to St. Luke’s years after I’d been on my own. Of course I was excited to see Sister Elizabeth, who was still there and seemingly unchanged, but I’d made the trip for another reason.

As a child, I had lost my parents--but I hadn’t lost my brother, Michael. He and I had spent only a short time together in the scheme of things. Less than a year after we had arrived, he was adopted. I was left behind. It was a heart-wrenching experience. Michael had tried to stay. We had even worked out an elaborate plan to hide him in some other child’s closet. But in the end the grownups won, and we lost each other in 1963.

Excerpt from Good Deeds

The funeral was shamefully small. Although my father and I had never really established much of an attachment, I still felt sad for him, and even somewhat embarrassed that so few people attended. My legs trembled as I stood there, trying my best to make my feet move in the direction of the casket. I made my way across the room after what seemed an awfully long time.

I leaned over him and looked, his large-framed body almost too large for the casket. He was wearing his old gray suit, and his face looked wrinkled and worn from time.

The distance between us seemed to disappear for a flash as tears began to trickle from my eyes. I wondered why he had been so cold and void of emotion all those years. He had shown very little involvement with my nurturing while I was growing up. My mother had passed on just one year before him.

Mom was average build, with beautiful shiny brown hair and green eyes. She was never the mushy type as far as showing outward affection, but I felt she did love me. Yet, I always felt she was more focused on my father, waiting on him hand and foot. It seemed to me that she had done her best, to make him happy, while he showed little appreciation for her efforts.

I planned to return to my hometown within a few weeks of the funeral and make a go of the country life. I had always loved that big house, white with the blue window shutters and a wrap around porch. The paint looked chipped in a few places, but nothing very noticeable. And then, with my father’s passing away, I saw no reason not to move back home. Besides, I had soaked up just about all of the city life I could absorb.

I grew up as an only child. I had a sister seven years older than me, but she mysteriously disappeared shortly after her seventh birthday, exactly one month after my Mother learned of being pregnant with me. Emily was her name, and that was all I knew of her. The police never found one shred of evidence as to what might have happened to her.

Journeys Through The Heart, by Lisa Richards

Title: Journeys Through The Heart
ISBN: 1418436585 Dust Jacket Hardcover
Price: $22.00 (US)
Publisher: 1st Book LibraryCopyright 2003 Lisa Richards.
All rights reserved.

Availability: Most on-line retailers such as:Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Also available in e-book and paperback formats.


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