War on the Saints

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Christian Author Writer Daniel 7:15-22 we began our study looking at Daniel who is gifted in dreams and visions. This gift is a vehicle of expressing divine truth as well as things to come. The Prophet asked God for and interpretation of the dreams and visions that he had. Whenever we have dreams and visions that trouble us we should ask God and seek God through consecration and study of his word for understanding.

If a dream continues to trouble you there is usually a reason or message from God. We are to seek out the meaning through prayer and scripture. A vision is something which is seen that brings new knowledge this is the beauty of the dream or vision. In the book of Acts it speaks of “your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:” Acts 2:17. The knowledge that comes by virtue of the spirit is for direction in all of life. This is the fruit of the spirit filled life.

Vision can come by inward sight such as an unconscious dream. When you are sleeping the spirit can minister and speak to you in a dream. There is also outward sight which is to see with the physical eye. The spirit can show you things to come while you are awake. You can physically see something before it happens. Through vision God gives direction an inspiration. The scripture says “Where there is no vision, the people perish:” Proverbs 29:19.

Visions are important; it is a sad day when the leadership no longer has a vision for God’s people. It is a sad day when we the people of God cannot be stirred by the Spirit of God to move forward as a result of the knowledge and wisdom that has been inspired by the spirit of the Holy Ghost. It is necessary for men and women to consecrate their lives so that they can receive the direction and power that only God can give in this day that we live in.

In this text we find four beasts that the prophet saw who represent Kingdoms. These beasts have come to plague the saints. The four Kings that the scripture teaches shall arise out of the earth. Daniel 7:18 “But the saints of the most high shall take the Kingdom, and possess the Kingdom forever, and ever” This is an everlasting possession that the Lord shall give over into the hands of the Saints. Ultimately the Saints will rule forever in the Kingdom of God.

But in this present world don’t be surprised and don’t be troubled has the ruling powers of the world continue to conspire against the church, as more laws are being passed that come against our religious freedom to witness and build to the glory and honor of God. Don’t think it strange when the trials come against you. We are seeing the move of the Antichrist who is already in the world. His spirit is going to and fro as never before.

Daniel 7:17 “These great beasts, which are four, are four Kings, which shall arise out of the earth.” In Verse 19 the fourth beast is going to rule the world as a result of his great military power. He will wage war against the saints according to verse 21. This world power in the person of a King will demand that all the nations of the world worship him. Remember that no matter what happens God is in charge of the course of History. Be encouraged and rise up in this truth. Not man, not the devil but only God the Father is in charge of the course of History.

Daniel’s vision of four beasts in control of the world is only for a season. Only to be overcome by the Lamb of God who shall come with great power. Daniel 7:22 “until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High;” The Kingdom of God shall be given to the Saints. In a twinkling of an eye, in a moment Jesus shall come and put every weapon to rest. Let us trust and obey God for just as he controls the future he is also in control of the present. We can rest in this blessed assurance that Jesus stands with us in whatever we face. Just as Jesus stood with Daniel in the lion’s den, God stands with us to give us power to overcome in this present world.

Daniel’s willingness to obey God made him stand out above the rest. Let us be willing to obey God and never sway from our convictions, principles and foundations of the truth upon which life is built. Never be ashamed to stand for holiness knowing that our redeemer is soon to come. Let us draw from the tools of consecration, the strength that we receive through prayer, the word of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit. We have the tools to overcome this present world even in the midst of a War against the Saints.

I take great pride in knowing that I am on the front line of the battle for the glory and honor of God. We have a great fellowship in the sufferings and trials that we endure. The glory that shall be one day revealed in us nothing can be compared to it. God is revealing his truth, love and redemption through the things we suffer.

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