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Christian Author Writer My Son battled a lot for his life for long days in NICU and Hospital. Every medical report was normal regarding me and my baby Oliver Emmanuel Touchton till the end. I was suppose to deliver the baby on 5th of Dec,2012.But Doctor had a feeling that I should do my c section on 27.11.2012 because I had a huge belly and it was very difficult to carry myself and walk and do any work. On 26.11.12 at 12 pm Doctor told me to do final scan before c section. When I did , the Doctor. told me to go immediately to do emergency c section . So we went immediately, and the baby boy by name Oliver Emmanuel Touchton was delivered on 26.11.2012 ,at 4.15 pm Indian time by LSCS.

The birth of my son was very traumatic, His condition was highly critical and doctors dint have no hope. He was flaccid and apnoeic with no heart or respiratory efforts at birth. He was resuscitated in the form of intubation, bag and tube ventilation,inj.adrenaline and cardiac compression. His birth weight was 4.3 kg and 23 inches long. He had a respiratory distress, his lungs were small with minimal infiltrates. He was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy with pulmonary hypertension with LVH with PDA with Tricuspid regurgitation,hypertension,conjugated hyper bilrubinemia,hypoglycemia,hypophosphatenemia,coagulase negative staphylococcus sepsis, multiple skin abscesses. He had blood stained gastric aspirates, frank blood was aspirated and he was not tolerating feeds. liver functions were significantly deranged with abnormal enzymes and low albumin. Coagulation profile (PT and APTT) was deranged and had liver failure and platelets count have been low and had generalized anasarca. He was also been detected to have hypercalcemia due to subcutaneous fat necrosis.

I knew that God, my Lord and savior was in control of my Son’s life, God was with my Son and his life had a purpose and I was assured by God in my sorrow nothing will happen to my baby. Day and night, I prayed and meditated Gods word and pleaded Blood of Jesus Christ upon my child to heal him completely. God works in mysterious ways and HE’s a miracle worker. The doctors still can’t explain why my son suffered so much for one and half months in NICU and hospital nor do they know what caused it. By the doctors admission it was nothing less than a miracle. We have named our son with nick name “Miracle Boy”.
I am here to tell you today that God did heal my son Oliver Emmanuel. Praise to God! I know without a doubt that God healed my son and he is living testimonial miracle. I sent prayer request to people and churches of all denominations all over the globe to pray for my son’s healing.
God heard all of those wonderful people from family, friends, church members, pastors, priests all over the globe, the medical staff and complete strangers all over the world that remembered us and prayed for my newborn baby in their prayers. Many people lay hands upon my son along with us and prayed for his healing. Heart felt thanks for the best group of NICU Nurses and NICU panel of doctors. Dr. V. Krishnan is a God sent angel for my Son and a God fearing Man who always was an encouragement to me and my family members who has treated my son ,given hopes and encouraged us to have faith in God and prayers.

I want everyone to know that God makes miracles happen every day, and that He does hear prayers. He can give you a feeling of peace when your world is falling apart. God is awesome! I just want to say that God does answer our prayers and His delay is not His denial. I hope other people get to read this especially those in the same situation as myself and renew their hope and I always remember that Gods presence was with my son and His angels were surrounded my Son every second when he was in the Hospital. The doctors and nurses and many others have all stated that my son was a miracle. Thank you Jesus for complete healing of my precious Son Oliver Emmanuel Touchton and I will give thanks to God with all my heart and glorify his name forever. Thank you Jesus for bringing my son back home from NICU with perfect health. Thank you Lord for all goodness and kindness for answering my prayers. Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 15:57). Thank you for the love you have given me and for my children . Help me to raise them up to be mighty women and men of God, so that they might walk in the paths you have chosen for them. Father, thank you for all of the healing miracles that you are bestowing upon me and my family. I thank and praise God for providing great health, healings, protections grace, peace, blessings, provisions, and favor upon my newborn baby Oliver Emmanuel, myself, my family and all. I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My tongue shall speak of God's righteousness and of His praise all the day long. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Father, Thank you Holy Spirit. Amen.

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