Let Me Tell You About My Beloved

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Christian Author Writer My Beloved is gentle as a Lamb, kind, loving and oh so patient. But He can be as strong and ferocious as a Lion when fighting for what is His.

He loves me with an everlasting love and tells me He will never let me go. He holds me in His arms and whispers love words in my ear. Words like I love you and you are Mine. When I kneel at His feet He strokes my hair with so much gentleness. I often come to Him crying when my heart hurts or over a battle I’m facing and He whispers to me, “Shhhhhh be still. The battle is not yours, it is Mine. Be quite, stand still and watch what I’ll do.”

All He asks of me is just to love Him, trust Him and just as important love what is His. If everyone turns against me, I know my Beloved will always be there. I have His promise that He’ll never leave me alone so I never have to feel lonely again. He is there! He is as close to me as the whisper of His name or the next beat of my heart.

Sometimes I come to Him and never say a word. I don’t have to, He reads my heart and answers accordingly. Sometimes I just kneel before Him and worship and He just wraps me in His presence. He tells me in His Word He lives in our worship. He loves it when His children praise and worship Him!

I cannot lie and say I don’t care what people think of me, I do. I love people and of course I want them to love me. But if you don’t love me it won't destroy me but if my Beloved was to stop loving me, it would.

I love Him with all my heart and soul and my greatest desire is to please Him. My Beloved is not demanding, He doesn’t stand over me with a whip threatening to beat me if I disobey. But I know how He dislikes disobedience so I try hard to please Him in every way. He knows I’m not perfect, He knows how flawed I am and that’s where His patience, grace and forgiveness come in.

He is constantly taking me back to the Potter’s wheel, reshaping me, molding me to be more like Him, to be more like what He wants me to be. But with all my flaws He still loves me. He takes me just as I am and I can’t say that about many people. So if He can use this old cracked and flawed vessel, I am His to use as He pleases. I am His and He is mine and that’s enough for me.

He is all I need and everything I need. He is my Lover, my brother, my Espoused, my King, my best friend, my Healer, my Redeemer, my Comforter, my Savior, my Lord and my God! He will be whatever I need Him to be because He is the 'I Am'.

I long for the day He calls me to His side as part of His Bride. He tells me I don’t have long to wait, His coming for His Bride is soon, it is almost at the door. Hurry my Love, I'm tired of this old world!

Do you know my Beloved? If not, I would love to introduce you to Him.

Love, Hugs and God's Blessings,

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