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Ecclesiastes 8:8 No one has power over the spirit to retain the spirit, And no one has power in the day of death. There is no release from that war, And wickedness will not deliver those who are given to it. NKJV

Stemming from correspondence I’ve had with various prisoners, I have learned a little of their lives while incarcerated. The following was told to me on one occasion:

A young man after being processed was placed into a cell with an older nonviolent inmate. Later that night after the lights were turned off, prisoners would call out numbers and then the cellblock would erupt into laughter.

The young man asked his cellmate the reason. The older inmate explained that since everyone had heard all the jokes many times before, the jokes had just been assigned a number to avoid the repetitious retelling of the jokes. The young man was amused and wanted to try also. He then loudly yelled out a number to which no one laughed. He asked his cellmate why. His cellmate explained that some people just can’t tell a joke.

George Carlin, May 12 1937 - June 22 2008, could tell a joke! He was a very well-known standup comedian. He was also a blatant atheist who regularly mocked Christianity. Although profoundly crass he was nonetheless funny, very funny. I remember a performance of his on the Johnny Carson Show. It was during a time when it seemed that everything was found to cause cancer. George Carlin said, “Researchers have found that saliva causes stomach cancer but only when swallowed in small amounts over long periods of time.”

I do not know of a time when I laughed so hard and even to this day vividly remember that portion of his monologue. If we knew and truly believed such a case were true, we would not find it a laughing matter.

In Feb. of 1982, I began working at the Ranchland Livestock Commission Company in Wray, CO. I worked as the Yard Manager which brought me into close contact with area livestock producers. It was through this position I had the opportunity to become acquainted with Mr. DT. DT was an ag teacher at a neighboring community HS. He also was my neighbor who raised a few head of cattle.

One sale day DT’s pickup backed up to unload some calves. His son was driving and DT got out from the passengers’ side. He looked terrible! Being the smart aleck that I am, I almost yelled out to him, “DT, what’s wrong with you? You got AIDS?” I will be eternally grateful that I did not. It was not a laughing matter. A few months later DT, a hemophiliac, died from the AIDS virus which he had contracted from a tainted blood transfusion. To my recollection he is the only person I’ve ever personally known with AIDS.

I remember in the 1960s there was a great deal on the news about smoking being a cause of lung cancer, but I question if many really believed tobacco to be a carcinogen. My dad was a smoker and some of his collogues, also smokers, began dying of lung cancer. I remember Dad talking about a smoker friend, Mr. S., who told him that he would never get cancer. Less than a year later Mr. S died of lung cancer. After his death my dad quit smoking. My dad now believed tobacco to be a carcinogen; and because of his belief, he took action and quit smoking.

AIDS and cancer are two of the most dreaded diseases of our modern day. Pure Biblical monogamist sexual practices and strict abstinence from drugs and tobacco will not guarantee one never contracting AIDS or cancer but will remove many of the risks.

If you have read this far, please bear with me and let me continue by applying a make-believe hypothetical scenario.

Researchers at the CDC in Atlanta, GA, released their findings on a new highly contagious and deadly virus nicknamed QDS, Quick Death Syndrome. It is spread by airborne pathogens and physical contact. The treatment for QDS is simple and effective yet somewhat complicated. The complications are resultant from the contagious hosts exhibiting no visible symptoms while they are contagious, deathly contagious. It has been determined that children and the mentally infirm are not at risk. Only adults with the mental capacity to make decisions are susceptible.

Treatment for this dread disease is extremely simple with an important and often ununderstood requirement. This “miracle drug” is nothing more than a small serving of cranberry juice taken three times weekly. The individuals receiving treatment must consciously believe it is necessary, and through its consistent use their health will be restored and maintained. It should be pointed out that those receiving treatment must be consciously aware of why cranberry juice is taken. Secretly administrating cranberry juice to infected individuals is totally ineffective. In order for treatment to be successful, consumption must be done on a continuous basis combined with a firm belief in its effectiveness.

If this were in fact a true scenario and we completely believed in its validity, we would all strive to influence our loved ones. We would enthusiastically share this information, not only with those important to us, but others as well, to protect them from a terrible death.

I agree with your thinking this to be a silly and childish example; however, I believe this is how many view the salvation/Christian issue-- silly. It is my belief many do not seriously believe in Heaven and hell. Our parents and grandparents were wonderful, loving people; so, of course, they would go to Heaven, if there were a Heaven. Yet if all the facts were known, they no doubt have many skeletons in their closets that would bar their entry.

Are heaven and or hell real or just a bunch of baloney? How should we handle such a subject? It seems to me the most popular method is to just completely ignore the matter. Since America is a “Christian” nation, it is socially acceptable to participate in the popular “Christian” holidays of Christmas and Easter without actually believing, yet willing to listen to and retell their stories. By halfheartedly passing these traditions on to our children we assure them of having a well-rounded and informed childhood from which to draw when raising their children.

Work hard pursuing your dreams while helping others along your path to success. Live a happy, satisfied, fun-filled life and then die. Now what? So what does happen after death? What will happen to us after we die? How about our children? What will happen to our children after their lives are over and they die prematurely or at a ripe old age? Judging by the lack of serious planning for what lies beyond the grave, it appears to me there surely is nothing after death. If we really believed there were in fact an eternal life or death following this life, considerable time and effort would be invested into guiding our children and loved ones toward a successful and eternal destiny.

Since in all probability there is not any such thing as the hereafter, we should just live this life to the fullest and go like hell pursuing our pleasures; and then when the end comes, hope like hell there is no hell. Hope it is just the end and not the beginning, the beginning of eternity to be spent where?

I do believe there is an eternity we need to prepare for while engaged in this life; however, I have done a very poor job teaching my children the importance of this life to prepare for our eternal life or for eternal death resulting from our lack of preparation.

Our society is filled with many wannabes trying to be something by an image. Boots, hat and a trophy buckle won’t make you a cowboy. I’ve been a diabetic for 30+ years. I can listen to numerous medical professionals teach about diabetes; but unless my belief moves me to apply their teaching, my health will continue to deteriorate. Faith with legs becomes action. There is an extra plus when I follow their medical recommendations, I feel better!

Preparation for the next phase of our existence constitutes more than attending a church assembly on Christmas and Easter. Attending every time the doors are open will prove futile as well. I do not believe a prayer given in a moment of emotion will provide the desired security. So what does it take to effectively prepare for the eternal future? I believe it starts with and continues with the same, FAITH. Faith is not like a life-long effective polio inoculation that is taken once and then forgotten about. I believe this faith to be a continual life-long event.

Scriptures without application are just words but rather should be used as a guide for action. I want to provide a Scripture for your consideration.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, (17) that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work. NKJV

I encourage you to not just blow it off. You never know when your end will come. Live this life preparing for the next life, which may start at anytime and by so doing you will feel better.

I’ll close with the following I once heard: “I’d rather live my life believing there is life after death and find out there isn’t, than to have lived not believing and find out there is.” author unknown

Only you can make the decision regarding eternity. Should you choose to ignore decisions about your eternal future there still will be an eternal future. It is completely up to you!

Bud Gillett

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