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Christian Author Writer Someone once told me that life goes on with or without you. No matter what you go through in your life, the world will not stop turning because you are going through something that is too much of a burden for you to carry alone. That’s when we can turn to Jesus, our Deliverer. He can and will take our burdens upon Him and carry the load for us. The old writing of “Footprints” speaks very plainly that in the toughest times in our lives, Jesus carries us in His arms. He walks with and beside us through all the other times, but carries us in the most difficult of times.

I often wonder why someone would care so much for me. Why would God take my burdens, which are many, and place them on Himself to carry? I know He can handle it and nothing is out of His control, but why would He do it? What have I done that deserves it? The answer to that question is “nothing.” I have done nothing to deserve God’s great grace. God loved me before I loved Him. Nothing made Him love me except for the fact that God is Love and it is in His nature to love.

What makes people love others? Usually we love others because they care for us, love us first, or give us what we want. In reality we are so caught up in selfishness that we miss out on true love without the source of love in our hearts. God is love. He created love. Love feels good, not bad. At the same time, it is not just a feeling, but a choice. God chose to love His people. We choose to love God. We have to choose to love those who wrong us. We have to choose to love those who don’t deserve it. We make the choice. God gave us free will from the beginning of the world. He told Adam and Eve what they could eat and what they could not eat, yet something as simple as that rule was broken because of selfishness, curiosity, and even pride.

A lot of where we fail comes from our own selfish pride. We choose to do things that are wrong and usually know ahead of time that they are wrong. Why then do we choose to do them? There are many things we cannot comprehend. Like Paul said in Romans 7:19, “I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway.” (NLT) It seems backward that we would work that way. The sinful nature in us makes us a slave to sin until we accept the full forgiveness that we have in Christ Jesus and become slaves to Him.

Being a slave to Jesus does not mean that we give up our unique personalities and become robots. God gave each of us unique gifts, talents, and even certain personality types to use to further His Kingdom. When we become slaves to Christ, we do give up our own selfish will and choose to follow God’s will. This is not some once-in-a-lifetime choice, but a daily act of self-sacrifice. If we do not choose daily to follow God, our life is not going to take the path God wants for us to take. This means disciplining ourselves in daily prayer and Bible study. Also we must fellowship with other believers who encourage us based on Biblical principles.

When we truly seek God and want to know His heart, He will bless us. He will give us His wisdom if we ask for it. He will empower us with the Holy Spirit to be able to witness to others that we on our own would not even talk to. He will carry us. He will always love us. Nothing you do can separate you from God’s love. He is always forgiving. Give God complete control of your life today and make it a habit to take up your cross every day and follow Him.

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