When The Lord Turns The Captivity of Zion Around

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Christian Author Writer What a wonderful feeling it is to go through the dark tunnel for a period of time and eventually get to the end of the tunnel and sees the light…, such feelings is obviously indescribable and unforgettable.

The most challenging period of our lives is the most suitable period to learn and eventually triumph. A force in action is released at that point which often times we think we never acquired but is naturally propelled by the present situation. Man naturally will always want to find a way out in every unpleasant situation he might find himself. At such unpleasant period, giving up is the last option in the thought of many while sailing through the situation is always the first.

Naturally, in every conquered situations, there’s a sigh of relieve and another level of confidence is attained and most of all a lesson is learnt. Practically, this is the most valuable period of our lives because simultaneously the good and the bad go side by side. Without trial, storms and challenges we won’t appreciate victory. Without going through hard times, good times will not be appreciated. If one has never been enslaved he won’t cherish how it is to be free.

I’ll start with the Bible, taking the children of Israel for example, after there many years of captivity, torment and long suffering in the land of Egypt they eventually received what they had longed hoped for “FREEDOM” they were set free. Can you imagine how they felt that great day, if you were there that fateful day to experience this great victory, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It is simply joy unspeakable, yesterday they were slaves and today they are Kings. Yesterday they served others but today people serve them, “when God turn the captivity of Zion around…” You will take note that from the experience of the Israelites in the land of slavery “Egypt”, they got to learn a lot of things like construction and all kinds of crafty work. Today it is clearly confirmed World wide that the Jews are the best in construction and all kinds of craft work. This is the experience they gathered from there long suffering which is now extremely valuable to them and their uplifting.

This is exactly what is still applicable in our lives; whatsoever unpleasant period we are going through today is just a preparation for our promise land. God will most times want to build us for maturity using trials and storms. We are meant to overcome all trials and storms because they are temporal.
The one God loves He test, and the one He test He sets free. It is considered dangerous if it is observed that one lives a too much comfortable or smooth life all through, most times such people don’t really encounter God. He always wants to mould and nurture His own for higher task ahead. Rejoice when you face trials and tribulation for you are better for it and surely victory awaits you.

I hardly see good things that come easily in life. Is it the rigor of a baby during child birth, or the pain that comes with a mother during the delivery? What of the burning process of a sword and other gold and metal materials by the gold smith before achieving a suitable and appealing appearance. What will you say by the number of years a man is trained through school, those periods when he has to burn the candle light to pass his exams, when he has to go hungry to get his lecture materials and many more before he eventually becomes what he his today. There’s always a price to pay for any good thing either in cash or in kind.

However, whatsoever unpleasant situation you might find your self now, always try and see it as an opportunity for another level of experience and a big break through in your life. Always try and see an opportunity in every of your challenges in life. Understand that God loves you unconditionally just like the children of Israel in spite of their shortcomings towards him.

Guess what? God wants to use that your present predicament to bless you, all you need to do is ask him to open your spiritual eyes to understand the message is trying to pass across to you. A lot of people have gone through what you’re presently going through and they are more than conquerors. You can do the same, Joseph was thrown into a pit and later sold into slavery by his brothers but later became the second in command to the King of Egypt in a foreign land. David was a humble shepherd in the forest and the youngest of his brothers but God choose him to rule over Israel, and with the stones in his hands he killed Goliath the Giant of the philistines.

What do you have in your hand? A lot of us have one thing or the other that God has deposited in our hands, all we need is to use it appropriately and our captivity shall be turned around. Moses was a Hebrew slave but brought up by an Egyptian mother in the royal palace, the truth was kept away from him for so long until he became a grown man, he was trained like a prince despite being a slave and definitely this is for a reason. So many things will happen in our life for a reason so that the plan of God for us will come to actualization. It is never a mistake that you are born in that family or by that parent or in Nigeria, there’s always a purpose for everything, just tell God to establish your purpose for existence wherever you might find yourself. Moses was eventually sent on exile from the land he once knew and called his home; it was in that present predicament that God met with him and utilized the shepherd rod in his hand to deliver the Israelites. You will understand now that the journey of Moses life was being guided for a purpose, “simply to deliver the Israelites from slavery”.

You are also born for a purpose, try and understand that purpose in your daily life and that purpose have to be fulfilled in Jesus name (Amen).

I sometimes wonder if slave trade never transpired in some part of African nations, African nations would have been stagnant and more so we wouldn’t have had a black man becoming the America president today. There is a purpose for this slave trade, today majority of the black African Americans are now quite comfortable and more advance or probably more superior to their counterparts where they were being taken from “Africa”. This is obviously the gains of the African American slave trade. After so many years of maltreatment and racial discriminations in the western world by the white, they were left with no option than to fight back to resist this inhuman act from the white. Sacrifices were made for their freedom, as a result lots of lives were lost for others to enjoy. Today the day has come and African Americans are free from all sorts of discrimination. Thank God for the slave trade, it simply brought about revolution of the black race and this is simply God’s plan in action. During the period of the slave trade era nobody would have anticipated that there could be a serious reason for this actions and that one day things will turn around for good.

Those days it used to be bad to the extent that all the white does their thing separately just like the King they claim they were, while the so called blacks does theirs separately too as the slave. Today, black and white eat in the same dish, rule together in the so called white house, there is absolute love in the air and a better understanding of the human race by all and sundry, they now know that the Lord is no respectant of anybody be it white or black. God is always trying to prove a point in our lives especially when the action is being taken over by forces beyond our control. Most times such period is propelled by divine intervention for a particular purpose. God will sometimes use your enemy to lift you up if you refuse to move, and also sometimes when God knows there is no way you could get there, he might use your enemy to take you there unknowingly to him. He will always find a way to lift up his own.

Therefore, we should always see God in action in any of our undertakings in life. Just imagine how the first set of African Americans slaves will feel if they were to be alive to witness the first black African American president, to see how God has turned their captivity around, “joy unspeakable” you will say.

Obafemi Oliwo

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