The Day the Lord Touched My Fingers

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Christian Author Writer “Come my son,
I want to show you something. You will not be the same after you see this thing: nor will you think the same, nor hear the same, nor will you see the same, as you did once before. Up until this day you have struggled to find your way, but today is the day you become something new. Today is the day I go with you.

Come, my son, up to the mountain top.
I want to show you the world and all of my children. I have given you a glimpse once before, but today you will see it all. You will see how my children, my own children, do not even acknowledge me. They no longer long to be with me. This is now a quick-fast generation: manipulated by money, controlled by time, and managed by lust. They no longer want eternity; they would rather have everything in this life. Everything is ‘give it to me now’. But I am eternal, I need no clock. In my house there are many mansions, money does not move me. I created all, what more could I want. But I do want, I want my people to love me, remember me, and worship me. There is no love for me unless I do, and if I do not ‘do’ quickly enough, the love fades. These are my children whom have left home and have no desire to return. They go out to seek their own purpose in life and never bother to ask why I sent them. Even you have done it. They teach this to their children, the children I gave them, “Be what you want to be.” No, be what ‘I’ made you to be! Be what ‘I’ sent you to be! Why are they teaching their children to live for themselves? Do I not give freely to all people? If I fed my children by their hearts and actions, they would all starve.

Come, my son, but stay close.
Where are your leaders and politicians leading your people? Will the whole nation follow them into the pit? Will not one cry out? The blind follow the blind and they are both lead by the deaf and dumb. They govern the people by reason and corruption and no one says a word. People no longer trust me. They trust logic because that is what they have been trained to do. People live in constant fear, yet they follow. They are controlled by what they fear. I desire love. I only ask, because you love me, that you follow and obey. In my love there is no fear but perfect peace. Who then is in control? If it is your government, by what spirit do they govern the people with fear and seduce them with all kinds of lust? Legions of demons are sent out to entice the people. People continually eat their lies and lust grows within them from even their mother’s milk. Not only do they eat it but they feed it to others and to their children, no one ever getting full. If you do not watch carefully you will be in line with your tray waiting to eat next.

Come, my son.
There is even more than that which I have chosen to reveal to you. Since your youth you have been timid and played in the background, never taking more than second in command, never standing higher than a servant to men. All of that is no more. I have chosen you; the Lord your God, has chosen you. You will give the people the words I give you. Today is a new day for you because today I go with you. Give me your hand. Today my Spirit becomes your spirit, my Mind your mind, and my Thoughts your thoughts. With this hand you will write down these words I give to you and give them to the people. With these words you will lead the people. Today you shall become bold in me and me in you. Even a servant of king’s places will stand out among men. Today I bless this hand, your hand, with a gift. One you may have thought you had, but today you now know you have. Follow me, my son, and write yourself into salvation and write the people into salvation. Fear no one because I, the Lord your God, am with you. Trust in me, receive this gift, and go give this message…”

Jeremiah 1:4-19

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