Fixing What’s Broken

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Christian Author Writer “Daddy, can you fix this?”

My son holds out his favorite toy, strategically placed between me and the football game on television. Once a marvel of technological know-how, it now hangs lifeless in one hand. He flips a switch and turns a knob for proof.


My son is confused and dejected. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with his toy. All he knows is that it’s broken.

“Sure,” I answer. “I can fix it. No problem.” And it isn’t a problem. I know what’s wrong with his toy. And I can fix it, too. All I need is a screwdriver, some batteries, and a little time.

I set to work. My son takes his place beside me, fidgeting. He wants to play. Not in a few minutes or a little bit. Now.

“Hurry up, Daddy,” he says.

“Hang on,” I answer, prying the cover off the battery compartment.

More fidgeting. Then, “Daddy?”


“I don’t think you know what you’re doing.”

“Why’s that?” I ask him.

“Because you’re taking so long.”

“Just wait and see,” I say. “I’ll have it fixed in a minute.”

But my son can’t wait and so doesn’t see. “Never mind,” he finally says. “I’ll fix it myself.” He takes his toy from my hands and off he goes.

I shake my head at his impatience, all the while knowing it is a character trait inherited from his father. My son is too young and too inexperienced to know how to fix his toy. He’ll take it back to his bedroom and play with it for a while, flipping switches and turning knobs and pretending that it’s working just fine.

But I can’t blame him. Like I said, he gets it from me.

“Father,” I often say to God, “please fix this. Fix this problem or this situation. Fix this life. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I just know it’s broken.”

“Sure,” God answers. “I can fix that. No problem.” And it isn’t a problem. God knows what’s wrong. And more, He can fix it. All He needs is a little grace, a little mercy, and a little time.

He sets to work. I want it fixed now, so I fidget.

“Hurry,” I say.

“Hang on,” He answers.

I fidget more. Time passes, and I begin to wonder if He really knows what He’s doing. I don’t think He does, and I say so.

“Wait and see,” He says.

But I can’t wait. And because I can’t wait, I don’t see.

“I’ll just fix it myself,” I finally say. I take my problem back and trudge off, pretending that everything is just fine.

But I know this: my son will be back. Imagination can carry one only so far. Pretending is great, but it’s no substitute for the real thing. He’ll realize that getting it fixed is worth the wait. Especially when he knows he can’t fix it on his own.

And it’s for those very reasons that God knows I’ll be back, too.

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