Before The Beginning

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Christian Author Writer Before the beginning when the earth was void and the moon just a thought, a world existed, much like our own. But it was as ours was meant to be and some day will become.

At first only the three existed, Spirit-Father, Spirit-Son, and the spirit known as Wind. They lived in a world filled with ever-present light and knew no sorrow, deceit, or death. Snow covered mountains with glacier-fed streams and alpine lakes sparkled in the north. To the south, the volcanic streams flowed in all directions. The orange-red fluid cooled, hardened, and the Volcanic Lands expanded. In the east, ancient forests of reds, greens, yellows, and purples swept up and over gentle hills. The western deserts birthed the Shylah River that twisted and turned throughout the lands before diving into the Endless Seas. Vast plains, dressed in a thick coat of strong grasses, joined them together.

Spirit-Son had spoken this place into existence when the stars were young.

But silence reigned in the vastness. The spirit known as Wind tried to break the quiet. Wind played with the trees in the ancient forests of color, danced through the grasses of the empty plains and fluttered the waters of the Endless Seas. It spiraled through the mountain passes and tossed the desert sands. But for all its beauty, this was an empty place and the three longed for something to remove their loneliness.

Spirit-Father began to speak; to tell a tale. He pulled the words not from his heart, but deeper.

He extracted them from his soul.

Soul-words, then as now, create life. These first soul-words grew and took form. Soon many beings, all different in shape, size and color, stood before Spirit-Father and Spirit-Son. So many that they couldn't be counted, but Spirit-Father knew their number. They were, after all, born of his soul-words. He paused as the silence that wouldn't be broken was shattered by song and laughter.

Spirit-Father closed his eyes and drew a deep breath.

He spoke his most beautiful soul-words yet.

A golden vortex shot through the sky and spun before the soul-children. They fell silent as the last of their kind took shape before them. His brilliance wasn't as strong as Spirit-Son's, but dimmed their own. As one, they fell back a step as Light Song opened his eyes.

Light Song beheld the multitude before him and was pleased. But when they turned from him to face Spirit-Father and Spirit-Son, his eyes narrowed. As the soul-children's praises to Spirit-Father and Spirit-Son swirled in the air, Anger was born in Light Song.

At first, Light Song didn't join in. He was angry they weren't singing to him, for he could see his own brilliance outshone theirs.

A small thought, a seed, rooted in his heart and shot a tentacle deep into his mind. As his understanding grew, he smiled.

His brilliance wavered, then strengthened. Light Song turned toward Spirit-Father and began to sing. His voice soared, its beauty and power silencing the others. He carried on alone until the anthem was done.

As the song faded, Spirit-Father spoke to his soul-children. "Go and discover the unique gift you have been given; your purpose for being."

The multitude scattered to explore their new home and discover their gifts. Before long, screeching and squealing instruments filled the air as the Music Makers struggled to master their gift. Voices cracked on high notes as the Songsmiths discovered musical scales. Wordsmiths composed songs and poems giving thanks to Spirit-Father for their new life.

Others began to build and soon a city with marble, alabaster and granite buildings rose from the once empty plains. Ribbons of golden roads radiated out from the city, across the grasslands and into the mountains and ancient forests, the deserts and the smoldering mountains. Silver paths wove around the new buildings and connected them together.

Gemsmiths tunneled into the lands and discovered emeralds, diamonds, rubies, and more. They fashioned tools and chiseled and carved the rough stones. Their creations appeared all over the new city in buildings and sculptures. The ever-present light refracted through the gems and new colors shimmered in the air.

In the city and along the banks of the Shylah River, gardens appeared. The soul-children who were gifted in the ways of growing things filled the beds with new plants and flowers and gave them names.

Wind rejoiced and spun through the new gardens; picking up the fragrances and carrying them around the new buildings, along the silver paths and down the golden roads. He sang as he spiraled up around the alabaster buildings. He whistled as he swept down the marble walls and cried with joy as he swooped over the granite surfaces.

Spirit-Son turned toward Spirit-Father, eyebrow raised at the cacophony that was now their home.

Spirit-Father smiled as he spoke to Spirit-Son. "These are the Beginning Days my son. Soon they will master their gifts and harmony will reign." But as he finished speaking, Spirit-Father glanced at Light Song.

Light Song hovered off at a distance. He watched the others scurry below before darting toward the Volcanic Lands. Spirit-Son saw him leave and turned toward his father. His question died on his lips as he watched eternity's first tear push down Spirit-Father's cheek.

There it glimmered until Wind blew it away.

So the new emotion of Joy was joined by Sorrow, soon to become Grief.

Contentment reigned throughout the lands, for all were satisfied with their gifts and used them to thank Spirit-Father for the life-gift he had given them.

All but one.

Light Song stayed in the Volcanic Lands and the tentacle in his mind continued to grow and take shape. As he wandered in and out of the Smoking Mountains, it solidified into a single thought. Light Song coveted the worship of the soul-children and wanted it for himself.

His singular thought darkened the air above the Volcanic Lands. The mountains smoked and spit ash, which clustered around the mountaintops and hid them from view. The soul-children saw the darkness in the distance and wondered. But they didn't ask Spirit-Father, for they sensed no danger. How can they fear that which has yet to exist?

Spirit-Father watched the clouds envelope the Smoking Mountains. He knew the one thought of Light Song and grieved. But he had determined long ago that his soul-children would always be free to do as they pleased, for true love can never be forced. But Spirit-Father missed his last born soul-child. He longed for his presence, to hear his voice again, and so set out on a journey to bring him home.

Many times the stars trekked around the sky before Spirit-Father arrived at the Volcanic Lands. He wept when he saw the ash covered ground that choked out life. He grimaced at the heat. It used to be a pleasing sensation but now it scorched everything it touched. He choked on the thick smoke, which filled the air and blinded his eyes.

Light Song perched on a high peak, surrounded by flame and smoke. He heard Spirit-Father's raspy breath as he struggled to reach the high peak. But Light Song had made the path treacherous by loosening the rock on the path. Spirit-Father fell and Light-Song laughed when he saw the life-juices drip onto the ash-covered rocks.

Spirit-Father heard Light Song's laughter, but he didn't grow angry. Instead, his heart grew heavy at the hate that filled Light Song's soul. He continued to climb, slipping on the sharp rocks. But as he reached the peak, Light Song moved to the next mountain. Spirit-Father turned and slid down the mountain and climbed the next. Light Song moved again and Spirit-Father followed. For many days, Spirit-Father pursued Light Song, driven by his great love for his last born soul-child.

At last Light Song grew tired of his cruel game. He confronted Spirit-Father on the blackest peak. "Leave me. I wish to have no part of you. The Smoking Mountains are my home. Ash is my floor; smoke is my roof and the heat, my walls."

Spirit-Father groaned as Rejection was born and its pain speared his inner most being.

Still, Spirit-Father didn't give up. He loved Light Song and wanted him to return home. "Why do you choose to live out here, in darkness and ash, when there is light back home?"

"Because I cannot have what I most want."

"And what is it you most want?" asked Spirit-Father with a heavy heart, for he knew the thoughts of Light Song.

Light Song stared at Spirit-Father. His eyes were no longer true in color, but dark, with a ring of red in the center. The red center ring grew larger.

"I demand equality with Spirit-Son."

Light Song's words brought Loss into being, for Spirit-Father would not concede to Light Song's demand. Spirit-Father turned from Light Song and left the Volcanic Lands, followed by the sound of Light Song's laughter.

The stars traveled many times around the sky and the darkness over the Volcanic Lands grew and began to creep toward the city. Light Song learned to change his appearance so he could blend in with the other soul-children. He moved among them and whispered in their ears, telling them what they wanted to hear. Soon he had many soul-children slinking to the Smoky Mountains, interested in what Light Song had to say. But most remained in the city, loyal to Spirit-Father, the one who had given them life.

Deep within the black caves of the Smoking Mountains, Light Song saw the defectors and rejoiced. He convinced himself that most of the soul-children had abandoned Spirit-Father and Spirit-Son. The single thought in his mind was now a plan, ready for action. The gifts of the renegade soul-children were offered to Light Song. Deception and Betrayal slithered into the lands, for the renegades' actions were hidden from the soul-children still loyal to Spirit-Father.

Light-Song's self-importance grew. He no longer craved equality with Spirit-Son. He wanted the lands, and the rest of the soul-children, for his own. He observed the renegades and smiled.

Boulders and ash shot skyward, above the Smoking Mountains. Smoke poured out of the peaks and obscured the mountains. The traitorous soul-children roared their loyalty to Light Song; thunder-like it boomed throughout the land. The renegades swept through the debris. The ashes and smoke permeated their skin and clothes, staining them black. In their hands they clutched swords, shields, knives and spears.

War and Weapons were introduced to the lands.

Those loyal to Spirit-Father watched the black cloud approach and listened to the thunder-like roar. They had no defense against the dark swords and spears for they had no weapons of their own. Until now, there was no need. In fear, they abandoned the city and fled to the mountains and the ancient forests of color. As they hid, they struggled to understand their new emotions of Fear and Uncertainty and the concept of war.

The ash-covered soul-children overran the city, rejoicing at their victory. Ash fell from their garments and stained the granite and marble. Grime turned the alabaster grey and smeared the gems. The silver paths and the golden roads grew dull. The plants in the gardens, both in the city and along the river, withered and Death made its presence known. The Shylah River grew thick with ash and oozed into the Endless Seas.

Spirit-Son grieved at the devastation. Spirit-Father grieved at the devastation and at what he knew was to come.

Spirit-Son sought out those who hid in the mountains and the forests. He brought out weapons hidden in the mountains and the soul-children, with heavy hearts, grew proficient in their use. When the stained-children grew lax with their victory, the offensive began.

Buildings crumbled as fighters struggled in and around their foundations. Gems shattered when struck by swords. Sculptures toppled and fell, crushing everything in their paths. The betrayers were pushed out of the city and onto the plains.

The renegades set fire to the prairies, with coals from the Smoking Mountains. The fires swept unchecked across the vast plains and through the ancient forests of color. The burned trees fell and choked the Shylah River, which ceased to flow into the Endless Seas.

The stained-children were driven through the raging fires, to the edge of the Volcanic Lands. Nothingness started where the lava had not yet flowed.

The renegades feared the Nothingness and fought even harder. They retreated to the Smoking Mountains and tried to regroup. Light Song, his brilliance now turned to blackness, screamed at his army with hate-filled voice. His words hammered against the mountain walls, shattering the granite.

Spirit-children dodged boulders and flame and retreated to clear air above the burned out plains. They listened as cracks and booms filled the air. As they watched, the Smoking Mountains collapsed and were no more.

Spirit-Father appeared.

Light Song and his army straggled from the debris and hovered above the rubble.

Spirit-Father spoke. "Light Song, last born of my soul-words, obey my command."

Light Song didn't speak. Spirit-Father continued. "No longer shall you be known as Light Song, last born of my soul words. Now you shall be known by many names. Deceiver, Destroyer, Evil Lord are just a few. Move now to the Empty Space, beyond the Volcanic Lands."

Destroyer didn't speak, but his answer was swift. As one, he and his warriors sped forward, weapons raised.

But the spirit known as Wind howled down from the northern mountains. He swept around the traitors' army. He formed a vortex, sucking Destroyer and his followers inside. He then plunged deep within the Empty Space.

He returned as a gentle breeze.

Spirit-Son saw the devastation around him; the burned out prairies and the black skeletal trees; the piles of smoking rubble that used to be mountains; the Shylah River, dammed with fallen trees, and the giant cesspool, which used to be the Endless Seas.

Spirit-Son closed his eyes, drew a deep breath and spoke the creation-words once again.

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