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Christian Author Writer Hmmmm.... a pregnant wise man. I couldn't help but smile to myself as Mrs. Sherri assigned our parts for the Sonshine Learning Center's Christmas prodution. My preschoolers were to be the wise men in the pageant and (after a brief explanation) they were all very proud and excited. I was seven months pregnant at the time, and happy to learn about the 'one-size-fits-all' costumes.

Kasi Pettyjohn smiled when I asked her to carry the star that would lead the wise men to Bethlehem. There was no question in my mind that the tall, pretty girl with the long, wavy, auburn hair and beautiful brown eyes, would take the part very seriously. She was a quiet one. Quiet like the morning, but I could see the sun waiting to rise in her and knew that she would shine.

Kasi was the middle girl of three sisters who had lost a baby brother to S.I.D.S several months earlier. Kasi was profoundly affected by Keenan's death. She didn't talk much unless spoken to, but she loved songs, stories and especially show and tell, when she always brought her baby doll to share.

She sparkled when she could pretend and Kasi held her star high and steady during rehersals. It was just a simple, cardboard cut-out, painted gold with silver and gold ribbons attached to a long stick but it seemed a treasure to Kasi Lee.

The play was a great success - beautiful, giddy children presenting the Gospel message to adoring mommies, daddies, grandmas, grandpas, aunties, uncles and friends. The wise men found the Babe in the manger with Kasi leading the way and I didn't forget any lines or trip on my robe on the way to Bethlehem! Mrs Sherri breathed a great sigh of relief and satisfaction as the angels, sheep, wise men, Mary and Joseph were shepherded off the stage by their teachers and helpers.

As various family members made their way to our classroom to retrieve their little actors and actresses, my emotions were a mix of the joy of the evening, and a little loneliness because none of my own family had shone up. When Kasi's mom, dad and two sisters found us and Kasi had finished dressing I offered her the star to take home and keep. She smiled brightly at mom who nodded and reached for my hand to thank me. "Kasi did a wonderful job, I said, the star belongs to her".

Driving home alone after the program, my back and feet were aching and I was sleepy, but I soon found myself singing Silent Night and was filled again with the awe of the Christmas message.

When I arrived at work the next morning feeling a bit let down after all the excitment of the previous month, I discovered a small, white envelope with my name on it embossed with pretty, pink and red roses and gold leaves. In it I found a lovely, red, hand-made card that read:

"Donna, you gave Kasi Lee a smile like she has never had in a very long time with the star you let her bring home and let her hold on stage. After the death of Kennan, Kasi and I would go out each night and look up at the sky. We named a star after him and look for it every night. You gave her a connection she needs. We are so blessed by all of you. If it is o.k. she wants to put it on Keenan's grave. You will never know how much joy she has from a simple gift of a star. Thank you. God bless you, Doyle and Carla"

I didn't know about Keenan's star, but God did. And only He knows how much joy Kasi's blessing brought to my Christmas.

I placed the card in my pocket and felt another sweet, little blessing move inside of me.

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