Glory Ride

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Christian Author Writer Everything is spinning downward without Jesus; every hope, every plan, every relationship, every society, every government. The only way to pull the controls up before a crash landing is having Jesus aboard and in control. The lost are simply wandering around from place to place, whatever seems right for them at the time, then soon that place, leaves them disillusioned and disappointed so they go on to the next thing, person or position that they hope will satisfy. Downward and downward. Then Jesus intervenes and the descent of their lives take a drastic upward thrust!

And those of us who have Jesus on board yet have not let Him in the cockpit; well…we are just in a holding pattern. Circling and circling but never really going anywhere toward the destinations He has for us. Yes we can get up, stretch our legs and wander up and down the aisles of our existence, probably passing Jesus patiently sitting in the back. I can just see Him now...trying to catch our eye as we go by. But we are distracted by the bumpy ride and realize we better get back in the confinement of our assigned seat… going nowhere. No arrivals, no departures… just holding. He wants to take us from victory to victory from Glory to Glory! He wants to take us on a Glory ride with Him!

So if you don´t have Christ in control of your life, whether you are saved or unsaved, please escort Him to His rightful place today and start the ride of your life!!!

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