Thankful for the Fire

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Christian Author Writer As Heather and her husband, Jeremy, drove to church that Sunday, there was an old song playing. It’s message was one of not understanding God’s plan but that He was there still the same. Heather knew He was there in the fire with them. All she could do was pray with tears in her eyes was, “Why so much pain.” All the Lord would say was, “You will understand someday.”

Heather did not want that answer. She wanted justice and revenge for all that had happened, but the Lord was using all this to teach them many things. Jeremy and Heather would come to realize you can’t trust everyone who calls themselves a Christian. They would learn to depend upon God and prayer more. The Lord also made sure they would depend on the knowledge of what their former pastor had said to be right with God and be obedient to His Word would make all things turn out right.

As the song was playing, Heather reached into her memory to recall all what had taken place. They would go through many fires.

Jeremy and Heather were so excited to come back to the United States after spending 3 years overseas. Jeremy was in the military and they moved a lot over the years. Heather was more nervous since she knew she was not a spiritual baby anymore. They moved to the Midwest so Jeremy could work on his master’s degree at Wright Patterson Air Force Base for two years.

Heather had put some trust into a lady who she had thought was a friend. They talked almost daily on the phone and now she knows that’s wrong. Heather would tell the lady what she thought of the previous service or thoughts on what was missing in their church. The lady did not understand the things Heather was saying. She took it the wrong way. Heather had not meant for it to be considered critizing. Heather was wrong in talking that way and she had to learn it the hard way.

When Heather heard the things she had said come over the pulpit, she knew she could trust no one anymore except Jeremy and trusted old friends. They found out there was a gossip problem in their church the hard way. It hurt so deeply that it affected her sleep and consumed her prayer life.

They then moved to the east coast, she was a mess. Heather could not fully trust anyone not even the pastor. She did however tell the pastor all that took place and she was watching him to see if he was a doer of the Word or just a hearer. The pastor said he would pray for her.

It took three years to fully be healed of that hurt. Being hurt spiritually takes a lot longer to heal than physical pain. God has to deal with a person slowly and consistently so you will forgive. Heather did not want bitterness or unforgiveness to cause her to be lost. She would ask the Lord many times to help her to forgive.

1 Peter 1:7 states, “That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ: Heather was tried by fire and knew what that felt like. The fire does make a person stronger. It may not seem like it, but when the Lord’s done you will be ready for ministry.

God has made her a vessel of honor for His glory. Heather can now say thank You for the fire and the lessons it teaches.

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