The Weight of Our Words

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Christian Author Writer Yesterday, my youngest daughter lost her very first tooth. She’d been waiting for over a year to have this exciting moment occur in her life. It was so cute to see her face filled with wonder and excitement. Then, the unthinkable happened. Last night, Kayla lost her tooth. I mean – really lost it. I felt so terrible for her as tears flooded her eyes. Her very first tooth – lost! Would the tooth fairy still come?

Our family all got on hands and knees and combed the bedroom floor looking for this tooth as tears turned into sobs for my daughter. Do you know what Kayla did? She went into her bedroom and prayed for Jesus to help her find her tooth. And hours later…He did.

At bedtime I told Kayla how proud I was of her for her faith and her desire to turn to God amidst her troubles.
“And you know what?” I said.“He HEARD you!”
Kayla’s eyes grew very wide.
“And – He ANSWERED you!”

Let me tell you, I saw the biggest grin spread across her face! It tugged at my heart so much because it showed me how at that very moment; my words were helping to reinforce and establish Kayla’s faith. And God prompted my heart with the knowledge of how often our words make or break our children.

There have been many times where I have said words to my children out of anger or stress and I’ve seen a tear roll across their cheek.
I forget that my words matter.

And just yesterday, my stepson was watching our girls on the playground while we had a school orientation. He commented in the car on the way home how he’d observed my daughter Kamica with her friends.
“She’s going to be a leader,” he said.

Kamica has never viewed herself as a leader, but now has this new label and perception of herself. What her big brother said so impacted her that she talked to me about it again at bedtime.

Oh – how often we utter words in a careless matter! We forget the weight and impact they have on those who we say them to.

I want to remind you to speak carefully to those around you. Never forget that what you say can mold or shape someone else’s life and perception of themselves.

Take it to heart and watch as you see the way your words can heal, renew, encourage, motivate, hurt, or destroy someone else.
Watch and be reminded.

Just as I did when God used me to help grow my daughter’s faith….over a little lost tooth.

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