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Christian Author Writer Daud Masih is not his real name but the given name by the missionaries who worked with him during his new experience of Christian faith (Daud is Nepali version name for David.). He was born in a low-caste family travelling singer called Gaine or Gandhrba in 3rd July 1921at a Rana’s Palace side in Tansen, Palpa. His mother, Jarimaya died when he was 29 months. And his father Lok Bahadur married another woman as his step-mother who caused him a bitter experiences of childhood. He experienced another sorrow in his life when his father died. He was 12 then.

Daud caught by polio and lost the strength of his right arm and leg. He used to walk almost crawling. He had no support his life except to sing and appeal for mercy of his audiences, which was his profession by the forefathers too. He extended his difficult journey of singing down to the terrain and went to Nautanwa, a boarder town of India, where he first listened the gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Lily O’Henlon, Hilda Steele and Pastor David Mukhiya led him to the Lord in 1941 and he took water baptism in the next year.

Before Daud joined to the Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB), later know as International Nepal Fellowship (INF) intentionally organized by the Christians to spread the gospel into Nepal, the pioneer were David Mukhiya, Tir Bahadur Dewan, Daniel Pradhan and the missionaries.

He married with Sony Thakuri in 1956 and started in the 2 years Bible school in Gorakhpur. After his graduation, he again joined with the NEB. Daud was active in the Band. He and the rest of the Band members generally evangelized northen Nepal-Indian boarder cities and the north-east block of Indian territory like Darjeeling, Sikkim, Asam, Manipur, Meghalay and even Bhutan. And he made evangelistic visits most of those places. He was one of the most hymn composer then, a dozen Nepali Khristiya Bhajan are published and widely used and are popular among the Nepali Churches. He used to play Sarangi, Nepali popular musical instrument like violin, very nicely – this could be a possible reason that he got the name ‘Daud’ means David.

Daud was filled with heart of passion to share the gospel to the Nepali people. He always made available himself for the gospel. After political change in Nepal, the NEB group finally entered in the country and settled in Pokhara in 1952, where they were given grace to established the first Nepali Church, and he was to care this newly growing Church after pastor David Mukhiya.

Even though, he was anointed as pastor for Ramghat Church there in pokhara and later Ampipal Church in Gorkha, his burden did not allow him to stay at a place and care a Church. Rather he traveled most of the districts of Nepal by his own feet. His only aim was to share Jesus’ life. He was forgetful, usually would not worry about his family and did not care his own health. In the course of his evangelistic journey, he faced uncountable troubles and persecutions and even custody. Physically he was unable but he never failed to walk for the gospel until his stoke in November 1999. Daud went to the Father on 13th Magh 2057 B.S. (January 2000).

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