The Other Side Of Pain

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Christian Author Writer When the life of person ends, there is another place in which that person goes: either heaven or hell based on the WORD of God. Well, with this being the truth, the person life does not end, it seems to me it starts over in a new place.

The experience of death is natural and only can really be experienced in the mind. Our focus is so natural that we are directly affected when the flesh of another human or animal comes to an end. The person is not the flesh that ends, but the God given energy that gives the flesh the ability to function. The first step in getting over death, is to know who you are and how you came to be, where you are.

The Other Side Of Pain takes the mature active Christian beyond the normal level of traditional growth. There is place in which God allows us to get to, once we have been considered, but before we can be considered we have to prove ourselves to God over a few things. I began my own journey of growth through grace after my commitment to God was sealed in my mind. God allowed me to go through all the normal levels of growth, obedience to the church and church leaders, dedicated time for prayer, allowed time for others and their needs. God allowed a ministry to be started and grow based on the level of my faith, and my faith I thought was unshakable. I take you to Job 1:8 when after God had considered Job, and that is what happens to us once we have committed ourselves to the work, the ministry and the people. The considering stage must come, the dialogue between God and the devil concerning you and your reputation in heaven must take place, when you are committed in your heart and not just your actions, the conversation concerning you will take place.

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