A New Sister

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Christian Author Writer “Ror-a,” he firmly repeated, as his mother told him her name.

“Au – rora, try again.”

“Rora, Rora, what a funny name,” he thought. How did this stupid, noisy baby come to be living here anyway? This is my house, not hers. I don’t want her here. When I want a cuddle she makes a loud cry and Mummy has to leave me alone. Why? She doesn’t do anything. She can’t even talk.

One day Raphael came upon a sight that stirred up something inside him. Aurora was lying on her back on a rug in the middle of the lounge room, all by herself. She was just looking up at the ceiling and waving her arms and legs.

He walked across and looked down at her. First he prodded her with his hand. Then he touched her with his foot. Then the other foot. He did this again and it felt like a fun thing to do. So he began to say softly, “Kick the baby, kick the baby.”

Then suddenly he realized that someone had come into the room. It was Mummy. “What are you doing Raphael?” she asked. “That’s naughty.” She was not pleased with him. The next thing he felt was being scooped up and placed firmly on the floor in his bedroom behind the closed door.

After that Raphael thought and thought about what to do. He was not going to be able to make Aurora go away. Maybe he could run away. But how could he? Every time he ran off in the park, Mummy chased him and brought him back. Maybe there is something else, another way to be sure that Mummy still loves me. He watched Mummy wrap Aurora in her muslin sheet, over and under went Mummy with her long arms. He liked that idea so he said, “Raphael want to be a baby.” Mummy looked at him tenderly. She replied, “You mean all wrapped up in a sausage like Aurora?”

“Yes.” He nodded.

“Well, Aurora is a yellow sausage, what color would you like to be?

“Blue,” he came back quickly.

So Mummy wrapped him in the same way as Aurora, over and under and tucking in the corner, so that they lay there side by side, a big sausage and a little sausage staring into each other’s faces.

Hey this is fun! Mummy still loves me! We can lie here together and both be her babies!

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