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Christian Author Writer “Joseph gathered very much grain, as the sand of the sea, until he stopped counting, for it was immeasurable.”
Genesis 41:49

Several times during the course of my life, I have felt a silent inner urging. And though I have not turned an utterly deaf ear to what I’ve heard, my answering that ‘call’ always seems to be put off until tomorrow. Not intentionally. But being wrapped up and absorbed in the urgencies of each day, that clearly heard whisper becomes softer and softer until it ceases being discernable altogether.

There is something about those types of tomorrows that never changes. They never come. Have you noticed that? They remain an elusive promise just beyond reach.

I long to be like Joseph. Gathering! Faithfully, without ceasing, without being diverted from the call he heard, Joseph gathered. I imagine him pursuing that gathering from sunrise to sunset, and often well after. His heart was set on it.

And just what was his heart so set on gathering? Blessings! Daily, faithfully, Joseph gathered the blessings sent by heaven, until the seeds of those blessings filled the granaries, all throughout Egypt, to overflowing.

At the beginning Joseph tried to keep a counting of them, but in the end the flow from heaven was simply beyond measure....but still, he kept gathering.

Our blessings may not fall in the form of grains of wheat, but they are as plentiful none the less. And that is the inner urging my heart has felt so many times throughout my life. Joseph faithfully recorded the blessings, and so should I.

Imagine if we began our day asking God for His eyesight. For the ability to see the blessings, sprouting like heads of grain from heaven, each day into our lives...and to faithfully record them. It would become impossible not to feel the depth of God’s intense love for us.

Our own granaries would soon be like Joseph’s . . . filled with very much gain, as the sands of the sea, impossible to measure. When times of ‘famine’ came into our life, our full granaries would nourish our soul, feeding our faith, holding close to our hearts the evidence of God’s undying faithfulness.

I want to be like Joseph, with a ear tuned to heaven, and hands ready and willing to gather the harvest.

© DeAnna L. Brooks 17 January 2005. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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