Christian Writer Author: Gary Smith
Location: Michigan , United States

Christian AuthorMy name is Gary Smith, and I have been doing creative writing since the age of
15, but have never had any work published.

I have done motivational speaking back in the mid 80s when I was an associate director of the balanced living program.

I have written a 285-PG book in which I've yet to have published. it is a fiction based on fact. It is entitled, "Dancing With the Devil." I currently reside in Detroit, Michigan And if there is the possibility that readers of my works wish to contact me, feel free to do so at the following e-mail address: or

"May God forever bless "you" and your loved ones"

I've Written . . .

Who Are We To Judge One Another?  
Christian Poetry  - Other
Fiction: False
Who are we to judge one another, And condemn people to their Past? Who are we to ever say, People's mistakes will forever last? How can we say we know everything, About people we don't even know? How can other's Spiritual Garden, Be the place we say evil grow? What can we say about someone, Whom we have never met? What wrong can we accuse them of, And say that we will never forget? ... Read Christian Poetry

Are We To Judge Others? (Part 2)  
Christian Poetry  - Other
Fiction: False
When you first entered this world, You were born innocent and pleasant. There were no Future, or no Past, For there was only the moment's Present. Yet, throughout all of Life, People are always persistent, In finding fault with each other, And making them ashamed of their existence. Everytime I see people criticizing, There's a fact that always lingers. That the people with the uglie ... Read Christian Poetry

Judging Others (Part 3)  
Christian Poetry  - Other
Fiction: False
When the blamers see this factor, The TRUTH becomes quite haunting. What they say is three times worser, For the person doing the pointing. When people be realistic enough, To stop doing the blaming, Then they will realize very quickly, It's themselves who deserve the shaming. What they should try to do, Instead of playing "people category", Is take an HONEST look within, And take a ... Read Christian Poetry

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