Christian Writer Author: Carmen Rockett
Location: California , United States

Christian AuthorI look forward to letting the Lord use me on a monthly basis in the sculpting process as he completes the good work he has started in us. (Phillipians 1:6)

I am first a follower of Christ, then wife and stay-at-home mother of six. I love to learn, and I love to share what I’ve learned. By God’s grace and continued direction, I write about Him through the filter of history, humor, and the experiences of 41 years.

Carmen has a poem published at the online publication People of the Bible. It can be found at She also has articles and short stories being considered for publication in several collections. For reader feedback contact Carmen at

I've Written . . .

Flight 617  
Christian Column  - Other
Fiction: False
Gasping for breath, Jake collapsed into his old ripped naugahyde chair. Oh, Lord! The image in the mirror this morning had not been his! His pulse pounded through miles of venous highways, sapping his strength. Wiping perspiration from his forehead, he slumped further in his chair. Jake Barton's peers, as well as his elders, respected and viewed him as a rational man. Mid-twentyish and unmarrie ... Read Christian Column

The Potter's Vessel - "Rules!"  
Christian Column  - Devotionals
Fiction: False
I remember thinking when I was a child, “I’ve had it! I’m tired of all the rules! Don’t climb on the furniture, brush your teeth twice a day, wash your hands before every meal, and never go to the pond alone. Stupid rules! I want FREEDOM!” At one point, I even left home for a couple of days. I stayed with a friend without my parents’ knowledge. Imagine their panic when I never showed up after s ... Read Christian Column

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