Christian Writer Author: Jean Madigan
Location: Arizona , United States

Christian AuthorJean Madigan is a freelance writer who lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
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The Path to White Tank County Cemetery  
Christian Article  - Life
Fiction: True
The Arizona sun peeked shyly through the silvery white clouds framed between the mountain peaks. Sheriff Joe's teenage chain gang trudged along the path to the White Tank County Cemetery, their leg irons rudely interrupting the pre-dawn silence. Every Thursday, their job was to bury the dead indigent and homeless who hoad died during the past week. The Sheriff reckoned this burial detail to be in ... Read Christian Article

Deliver Us from Darkness- Out Of The Pit Into Glory  
Christian Article  - Overcoming Struggles
Fiction: False
This isn’t a pretty story with a fairy tale ending, because chemical dependency is never glamorous or fulfilling. Thirty-five years ago, I put myself into treatment for alcoholism, because I hated the life I lived. I’ve been an alcoholic most of my life, but have been in recovery since 1969. I stayed in treatment for three months, and then left against medical advice with a male patient. My ... Read Christian Article

Christian Article  - Relationships
Fiction: False
When I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior a few years ago, I developed a friendship with a woman who became my mentor. Sara taught me how to read the bible, and how to apply it to my life. I became very attached to her. We thought alike, had the same fears, and shared the same way of thinking. We were like sisters, and our husbands were friendly toward each other, if not exactly buddies. ... Read Christian Article

Christian Article  - Life
Fiction: False
I've often wondered what happens to my socks when I put them in the washing machine to be laundered. They blissfully swirl around in their soapy water for fifteen minutes, and then spend the rest of the cycle getting spun. The next step is the one that puzzles me. I put them in the dryer, but alas, one of my sockies is missing! Where has it gone? Have I put both of them in the washing machine? ... Read Christian Article

Say To The Mountain  
Christian Article  - Healing
Fiction: False
Itchy sores appeared on my hands, and I got eczema on my arms and legs. I felt like creepy things were digging into my skin like our Arizona scorpions dig into the sand. The itching was more than I could take, and it occupied my mind twenty-four hours a day. This all happened two months after I invited Jesus into my heart, in 2001. Everyone had explanations as to why I was attacked with this ma ... Read Christian Article

The Threshers  
Christian Article  - Forgiveness
Fiction: False
"Get them apples peeled, and rhubarb cut, now!” Ma yelled. "Them pies have to be baked by dinner time." Peeling apples made my fingers look brown, and feel puckered. I didn’t like doing it. Ma continued her tirade with my sisters.” Carol, you go out and pick peas, and get a lot of them. Del, you clean up the living room." "Ma, they won't be going in the living room," Del protested. "I ... Read Christian Article

What Not To Say To A New Christian  
Christian Article  - Christianity
Fiction: False
UNWELCOMING WORDS: Now that you’re saved, you need to quit smoking, drinking, give up all your unsaved friends, stop listening to secular music, and going to movies. WELCOMING WORDS: Now that you’re saved, just relax. The Holy Spirit will change you. UNWELCOMING WORDS: You need to help in the nursery, join the choir or get on the usher team. WELCOMING WORDS: Come to our church for a while ... Read Christian Article

The Conversation  
Christian Article  - Relationships
Fiction: True
Ronnie sat down on the hard bench with a thump. It was their favorite booth at the Cracker Barrel. Larry look at his wife, Veronica, now heavy with child. He didn’t want children; they complicated lives. "Ronnie, to what do I owe the pleasure? You’re usually not out of bed until noon." He looked at her swollen body with keen distaste. Ronnie said, "I knew you’d be on your break, and thought ... Read Christian Article

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